Monday, November 26, 2007

Baby Grace Identified

Some of you may recall last month a report of a little girl named "Baby grace" was located in a storage bin on an island just off the coast of Galveston, TX. I have followed this story closely and they have finally identified her. Her name was Riley Ann Sawyers, age 2. Riley's mother and her boyfriend have been arrested in connection with her murder. Yes, murder, she had a fractured skull.

I am sorry but, I could never hurt my children, or someone else's child for that matter. There is nothing in this world that a child of that age could do, to cause an adult - especially the mother, to be involved in injuring the child. What I see happened was this. 1. Mother found boyfriend online. 2. They decided to run away and get married. 3. Both decided child had to go, she was in the way. 4. They kill her and hide the body. FREAKING SICKOS

Riley has a father. They could have taken her there, then disappeared. Better yet, grand mom was available. I smell the death penalty for those monsters.


blutojthetotmom said...

What a selfish soul-less bitch!Children are too precious to forsake for ANYONE.When I think of all I went through with my husband to even have my daughter,losing a baby along the way and getting through a high risk pregnancy at 33,I know what a gift my baby girl is and despise those people who hurt or kill theirs.
If I am not mistaken,did they mention Riley on Americas Most Wanted a few weeks ago,trying to identify her?Im so glad she has been identified and can now get the Christian burial she deserves.I hope her nasty mama and her trick burn!

Historical Wit said...

Dude that is whacked! I never heard of the story, but after a google quickie, that is whacked. Fry those bastards. My daughter is 2. There is a lot of personality and layers beautiful there. SOmma bitch must pay.

Average Girl In Average World said...

IMO, people who have abused children in anyway, once convicted need to be taken straight to the OR and be made UNABLE to have children of their own. Period.

Kegman said...

A parent that willfully harms, yet alone causes the death of, their innocent child should be given the death penalty regardless of the circumstances. Children are precious beings that need love and nurturing, not mental & physical abuse that ultimately results in their own demise. Let us hope our 'whacked' Justice system will prevail and Riley's useless protectors will be dealt with accordingly.

God Rest Riley's Soul!!!

Anonymous said...

I too, have read the article this morning.... tears filled my eyes ... heck i have a 4 year old..... i agree , they are freaking sickos