Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bow Hunting for Women?

Yes, I am ready to be called a redneck.....

Over this past spring, my husband and I have both got wrapped up in Bow hunting. I come from a family of hunters, my dad, both my brothers, uncles, cousins, ect... Hubby has always had an interest in guns, but never ventured over to hunting, or to Archery. My brother happened to get him interested earlier this year and suprisingly enough, me too.

For my most recent birthday, I asked for a Bow. My hubby stepped up to the plate and made that happen for me. I have a Fred Bear SQ32 - Left-handed. Talk about hard to find. Anyways, I got the bow set up and went down to the local Gander Mountain to practice at the indoor range. (this was my first time, so we wanted to be in the hands of someone more knowledgeable) Well, I did very good, I hit very close to the bullseye. (go me!!!!) So I went home and practiced after work / dinner for a couple weeks. In the meantime, my hubby has been going to local archery shop and shooting competition with the guys.

I finally feel confident enough to go. So hubby, brother, cousin and I load up in the van. They take me to the same place they have been going. Now let me explain this, I am by no means a "big girl" but, I have had 2 kids in the last 5 years and yes, I am out of shape, but I am still hot by all means. Back to the story. They wanted to shoot OUTSIDE, in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity. I had sweat my ass off and was exhausted. I shot very well, got a couple bullseyes, never missed the target or lost an arrow. (go me again!!!)

Hubby decides, he needs a better bow. So he goes and buys a brand new 2007 Matthews Drenalin. It is nice and very light weight (for any person looking in the market to purchase a new bow - this one is highly recommended)

You see, when he and I both started shooting, it was about competition, not hunting. Now he decides he wants to hunt, Whitetail Deer. Me, ummm not so much. I will cook it and I will eat it. He went and got his hunting license, got all the camo and Orange needed along with all the accessories you must have to hunt. Good part is, he finally got his first buck of the season, bad part, he shot it with a muzzelloader. (he had already taken a doe with his Matthews on opening day for the entire season) The buck was wanted by all members in the hunting club, hunting the land. Everyone had seen it, but no one could get a shot on it. For this area, it is considered a big buck. 11 points, (both brow tines were broke off - so that would have been a 13 pointer), 170 lb field dressed. It is extremely tall, all the tines were very tall. This was the "Dominant Buck" in the area so to speak.

Right now, he is being stuffed to be proudly displayed on a strong wall in our home. My Dad had been watching this deer for 2 years with hopes of being "the one" to take him down. When it was all said and done, my dad said he was glad one of HIS boys got 'em.
I will continue to shoot competition, and I hope to one day go hunt for Mule Deer or Elk, or other big game. Whitetail just doesn't do it for me, besides, I think it would be hard to top the one hubby got.