Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Season 2007

As all of you are aware, the Christmas Season is approaching us very fast. Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like it took FOREVER for Santa Clause to come? Now it seems to come too fast. One day it's summer time, the next thing you know Christmas is a month away. My tress is going up soon and I will have my shopping complete this weekend. This has been the best year for us as far as Christmas and being prepared goes. Money is tighter (as most of you can sympathize) but it is not as stressful.

My home will also be the gathering spot for all the family to exchange gifts, ect... Finally we can just relax on Christmas, no running around, house to house. My daughter is really trying to be good and behave because she still believes in Santa and the fact that he can see you, even though you can't see him. (she still believes I have eyes in the back of my head, and only other mommies can see them) lol......

So as the end of the year is approaching, what are some of your resolutions? What do you hope Santa brings you? What is on your own children/grandchildren's wishlist? What was the best thing that happened to you this year?


Two Date Diva said...

I haven't come up with any resolutions yet, but I know I want Santa to bring me a nice long vacation this year. Can you say Virgin Islands, here I come?!?! The best thing that happened to me this year was the awesome amount of traveling I got to do.

blutojthetotmom said...

I havent really enjoyed Christmas fully since my Mother passed away two years ago.The only reason I do is for my daughter,who will be 4 the week before Christmas!She is old enough now to really get into it and its brought my spirit back for the holidays!Its tough with her birthday right before Santa-how do you top him?lol-but she is still at the age where she doesnt require an Ipod,computer,and other stuff older kids demand!My joy is seeing her joy!