Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Well, I can say I am glad it is over. I prepared food for 3 days, for 15 people. It was nice to have my husbands family here. Believe it or not, I have a great relationship with my In-laws. I know, most people dread the holidays because of their relationships with In-laws, but that is not the case here.
My family (who live next door) decided they were going to cook even though they had an invitation to my home. Were my feelings hurt? ABSOLUTELY. My home is large enough to have entertained them and my husbands family. My mom can be a bit nervous around people (social anxiety disorder - that's my guess, for those of you who know what that is.)That's OK. I still wanted her to be here though.
You see, my mother and I have a very strong relationship. When I was little I was always in the kitchen helping her cook, holidays or not. So now that I have my own family and a new house, I thought it would be my turn to return the favor after all these years. I wanted to take that burden away from her. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, so it is not stressful to me, as it is to her.
About 10:30 a.m. I took a break from my home and went over to have some coffee and down time with her. I knew if I didn't, I probably would not have seen her at all on Thansgiving. We laughed and talked about how the day was progressing. So leaving her was akward for both of us. I wanted to tell her my feelings were hurt, but I did not want her to have that on her mind the rest of the day.
At the end of the night, I felt Ok about the situation, knowing we are still next door to each other and as close as we are, we didn't have to eat dinner together to show we are family. I love you mom, Happy Thanksgiving.


blutojthetotmom said...

My family had been invited to a dinner on each side of our families,so we decided to forgo Thanksgiving at home & my oldest sister and her family stayed ar my home that night.It was a great day because my daughter got to spend time with her only 3 living great-grandparents,which is what its all about!Her only great grandad is a former horse trainer who has heart trouble and he got a day pass from his care facility to see his many great grandchildren.Thats my favorite part of holidays!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Family makes it important. Everyone wants to come home for the holidays. I am happy your family got to be together, I am sure that memory will be with you for a long time. Thanks, Average Girl