Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are You A Chronic Underachiever?

I had a very liberating conversation with someone I know about this very topic last night. The chronic underachiever is a person who 1. Is content living an idol life, you know this person. They have LOTS of potential, but do not utilize it in the correct way. 2. They complain and complain about the same things, and never do anything to change the issue at hand. 3. They blame everyone else for their short comings and can give 100 excuses, but none are acceptable.

In my short time here on earth, I have been exposed to alot of "Chronic Underachievers". I always wondered why I never quite fit in. Well, I do now. After being exposed to quite a few "Overachievers" I see where I belong.

Chronic Underachievers can be mentally and physically draining to Overachievers. I still have trouble understanding how someone can be OK with their selves as a Chronic Underachiever. This does not mean I don't think my stuff don't stink. How can anyone be OK not living up to their full potential?

So my questions for you are...
1. Are you an Overachiever, or an Underachiever?
2. What has influenced you to become that way?
3. In your close knit of people, which category is dominant?


Two Date Diva said...

Wow, great post. I think the one thing that has motivated most of the overachievers I know as well as the underachievers is FEAR. The overachievers fear not achieving enough and being stuck in mediocre hell with more bills than money etc. Most of the underachievers I know are afraid of failing if they try, so not trying is just easier than the disappointment of failure.

Average Girl In Average World said...

All great achievers have failed, and learned to cope and also correct the problem that caused them to fail. Watch the newest Dyson commercial. He says the same thing. Thanks for the insight!! Average Girl

joealbero said...

Excellent Post Again!

I used to be a major overachiever. I spent most of my life proving to the world I could be a better provider than my Father and I did just that. Along the way I became extremely successful, to a point I could retire for life.

Now, other than my Blog, I'm a lazy underachiever enjoying doing nothing on a regular basis. I can't say as I do all the complaining you mention but of course no one is as good as me at anything. LMAO!

So I guess I'm a has been, back in the day kinda guy. Is that too funny, or what? If someone were to ask me what my ultimate goal in life is right now I'd respond with being a great parent to my Grandson, a great Husband to my Best Friend, my Wife and to make damn sure Barrie Tilghman never makes it back into Office as the Mayor of the City of Salisbury. Here, I'll even take it a step further. If Barrie didn't run, that would destroy me because I want her to believe she can actually make it and let the numbers speak for themselves in the end with votes. Although I cannot run for Mayor of Salisbury, this is about who will win as Mayor if I could. Joe Albero VS Barrie Tilghman.

Keep up the good work, Joe