Sunday, December 2, 2007

Details of the Seaford Christmas Parade

As we approached our normal parking spot for the parade, we noticed alot of streets were closed off. Basically, from High St. to Stein Hwy was blocked off, because they were already full of vehicles. We finally found a spot to park and walk. When we got to the main viewing area on High St., we seen all these people walking around with hot chocolate. Having two kids, when they see hot chocolate, we pretty much have to get some. So we stopped a lady and asked her where she got her's "St. John's Church". So we walked to the church and got in line. All of us got our hot chocolate, and some cookies they had out. my husband reached into his pocket and pulled some money out, "How much do we owe you?" The lady replied "It's Free". FREE!!! I have never found someone at one of these kind of events giving away something for free. So a big KUDOS to St. John's Church.

There were several Middle / High School bands participating in the parade, they are as follows:
Seaford High
Crisfield High
Wicomico Middle
Delmar High
Woodbridge High

All the schools did a great job. Crisfield High really put alot of effort into their performance. They had their band, some color guards doing a series of moves, along with a baton girl - she was awesome. Not to mention their outfits were great.

Other participants worth mentioning:
Sen. Robert Venables
Councilman Dale Dukes
Sussex County Register of Wills - Dave Wilson
Harley Davidson of Seaford - By far the largest float there
Several Boy Scout troops
Girl Scouts
Froggy 99.9
Beauty and the Beast
Someone had a real deer fully stuffed in their float
Miniature ponies
Llamas - I believe, they could have been Alpacas?
And of course, no other than - MR. & MRS. CLAUSE at the end

Fantabulous - yes, fantabulaous show / parade. My family and I are looking forward to next years parade. I am trying to get the photos uploaded, but it is giving me a hard time this morning. Merry Christmas everyone.

Oh... p.s. Santa, if you are listening - I need a new camera!!!!!
love, Average Girl.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the Sussex Tech Marching Ravens in their brand new uniforms.

Average Girl In Average World said...

Sorry if I missed that. I was trying to recall from memory. Thanks for the info, Average Girl.

Frank said...

Below is the updated information for 2009.

Please use the following link for the Seaford Christmas Parade:

For more information people can call Frank Raskauskas at (302) 628-2828 or Sharon Drugash at (302) 629-9173.

The date for the upcoming parade is Saturday, December 5, 2009. Time: 7:00 pm