Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions

What does the New Year hold for you? Only time will tell. I know sooo many people making resolutions---again----the same one for the 10th year in a row. Not me. I don't want to lose weight so much that I am going to go on this huge diet, then fail. Just like everyone else. I am not ready to stop smoking yet. I have a prescription in my pocket book from my Dr. way back in March for the new pill. If I wanted to quit smoking, I would have done it sometime in the last 9 months I have been walking around with that prescription.

This year already has alot of changing coming to it. I am going to College, going to change careers-which means a job change, money change, schedule change. I have the everyday changes of my kids. They are never the same from day to day. I have too much going on to try and come up with a resolution that I will not stick to.

Today is my brothers birthday. He turns 27- old man...hahahahhaha He also shares that birthday with my Grandmother (mom) (RIP) he has LOTS of resolutions, at least lots we would like him to have. Isn't that like family though? Everyone knows better but you.

So to all of you who are going to set a resolution, Best of Luck with that. It is just not for me. I hope everyone is safe and brings the New Year in with a bang. I will be enjoying it at home with some wine and maybe a good redneck movie, you know something that makes me feel better about my own flaws to justify not having a resolution. :)

Average Girl