Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Resolutions

What does the New Year hold for you? Only time will tell. I know sooo many people making resolutions---again----the same one for the 10th year in a row. Not me. I don't want to lose weight so much that I am going to go on this huge diet, then fail. Just like everyone else. I am not ready to stop smoking yet. I have a prescription in my pocket book from my Dr. way back in March for the new pill. If I wanted to quit smoking, I would have done it sometime in the last 9 months I have been walking around with that prescription.

This year already has alot of changing coming to it. I am going to College, going to change careers-which means a job change, money change, schedule change. I have the everyday changes of my kids. They are never the same from day to day. I have too much going on to try and come up with a resolution that I will not stick to.

Today is my brothers birthday. He turns 27- old man...hahahahhaha He also shares that birthday with my Grandmother (mom) (RIP) he has LOTS of resolutions, at least lots we would like him to have. Isn't that like family though? Everyone knows better but you.

So to all of you who are going to set a resolution, Best of Luck with that. It is just not for me. I hope everyone is safe and brings the New Year in with a bang. I will be enjoying it at home with some wine and maybe a good redneck movie, you know something that makes me feel better about my own flaws to justify not having a resolution. :)

Average Girl

Daily Recipes: Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

1- bag Hershey Kisses
1- cup Peanut Butter
1- cup Sugar
1- Egg
1- tsp Vanilla

Turn oven 350
Mix all ingredients together except Hershey Kisses.
Roll in 1" balls, place on ungreased cookie sheet
Cook 10 minutes or until tops start to crack
As soon as you take them out of the oven, start placing Hershey Kisses ( unwrapped) in the center ---- make sure you press them down.

Let cool, enjoy.
Yield 2 doz.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daily Recipes: Awesome Mac & Cheese

1- lg. block of Velveeta cheese
2- cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2-cups shredded mozzarella cheese
2- 1 lb blocks - Colby jack cheese
1 - 1 lb box macaroni noodles
1- cup milk
2- sticks of butter
9x13 pan ( deep dish if you have it)

Turn oven to 375
Make sure all cheese is open and blocks of cheese and butter have been sliced into 1/2 inch slices.
Boil noodles til done, drain - DO NOT RINSE
Spray pan with Pam or brand of your choice.
Put 6 butter slices in bottom of pan - evenly.
Put a layer of cooked noodles on top of that. (about 2 inches)
Now, put 6 slices of Velveeta evenly.
Handful each of cheddar and mozzarella over that.
3-4 slices of Colby jack over that.
3-4 slices of butter over that.
Start all over again, starting with noodles.
Repeat until you get to the top layer.
On the very top, make sure you can not see any noodles and it is completely covered with cheese.
Pour milk over the top.
Salt & Pepper

Cook in hot oven 375, uncovered for about an hour or until golden brown on top.

Mind you, this recipe is not for those on a diet. We put this info in on a very well known diet site and it comes out to about 800 calories a serving. Guaranteed delicious.

New Daily Posts

I have decided that I will try everyday to post a new recipe. Me personally, I love to cook. I can remember my mother in the kitchen every night when she got off work, cooking something for dinner. Most nights I helped prepare the meal. "Get the milk" or "stir this up" or "watch how I make this". Beings I was the only girl, with two older brothers this was a great bonding experience for my mom and me.

My mother never used measurement while cooking, unless it was baking with flour. Just a dash of this, or a handful of this would work. When I moved out on my own, I was lost on how to make those kind of measurements work. My hubby eat some god awful food the first year we lived together. lol....

Eventually, cooking just clicked with me. Now I can Thank my mother for all those nights she let me be stuck up her butt while she was cooking. The recipes I will post are tried and true from my kitchen. If you try them, please let me know how they turned out. Also, don't forget to let the little ones help, even the boys cause one day they may have to cook for themselves. Besides what woman doesn't love a man that can cook???????????

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas :)

Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa brings you just what you wanted.

For those of you that have small children, that still believe in Santa, know these are the best Christmas's you can have. There is no greater feeling than seeing the huge smile on their face, once they see Santa has come. This morning in my mailbox was 2 letter's from the big man himself. One for each of my children. You see, some time ago they both wrote Santa a letter. Santa told them all about the Reindeer, and the elves, and even talked about a certain thing on their wish list.

My daughter came to the conclusion that they must have been very good this year because they have never gotten a letter from Santa, until this year. She tucked her letter away in her dresser drawer (this is where she hides things from her brother) so she will always have it. My son just jumped up and down bursting with excitement that Santa wrote him a letter.

So I sit here enjoying a glass of wine, (yes, wine at 4 pm.) knowing everything is done and ready----FINALLY. I wish you and yours Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.

Average Girl.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Effects of Psoriasis

As I write about this, please understand that I feel the need to educate people on this disease because I suffer from it.

About 6 months after my son was born, I noticed an itchy spot on my hip that would not go away. Me, assuming it was a bug bite, went to the Dr. She too, thought it was either a tick bite ( not a Lyme disease tick) or spider bite, and I was just really sensitive to it. So she give me some cream to rub on it, and about 4 months later it went away. As soon as that spot went away, I had a spot on my shin come up. Bigger this time. So back to the Dr. I went. At that point we realized it was Psoriasis. My mother has it, so that explains it.

That small spot eventually got bigger. More spots popped up on my shin. All the creams and lotions I tried, even tanning (this method is recommended by alot of Dr.'s) did not work. Now 70% of my shin bone is covered, along with elbows and 1 knee cap.

Summertime is embarrassing. I wore ALOT of Capri's this past summer. That covers most of it. I work in a professional setting, so I have to dress nice. I like pantsuits, and skirt suits. Very rarely do you see me in a dress / skirt now. Pantyhose help, but once you start itching, you have snags, and dry skin coming through them. So, on days I am brave enough to wear them, I keep an extra pair of pantyhose in my vehicle.

My hubby picks on me---in an innocent way. He is the ONLY one that can pick with me about it, he knows where to draw the line. Plus it helps me lighten up about it. Marriage therapy. lol... He helps me control the itching, by bringing my attention to it. You can't help it. you don't even think about it. It's like a habit, you know chewing your nails, twirling you hair, sucking your teeth (yes, people are guilty of this).. You itch and itch, but it feels soooo good. Then you bleed. I have alot of stock of band aids. It's a vicious cycle.

Psoriasis can have a much worse effect than itching. It can cause Arthritis. I was shocked to hear that. Psoriasis is also an immune disorder in the digestive system. Psoriasis causes your skin to produce more than 10 times the amount of normal skin cells, in the affected area. So you can't "catch it" from someone. It is not like a cold or STD, it is inherited. I got mine from my mother. Hers came and stayed for 20 years, and now is gone. No therapy needed. As long as mine does not get worse, I am OK with it staying. It has not spread anymore in the last 1.5 years.

To say the least, it is not pretty. Or something you want to show everyone. So if you see someone with red, scaly spots on their skin, it just might be Psoriasis. It does not mean you are dirty, or have poor hygiene. You can not help that it is there. Truthfully, there is hardly any treatments available to people with this disease. Psoriasis affects millions of people, and you would think they would have found something that truly fixes it.

I just wanted to bring some awareness to Psoriasis today. BTW, if someone has found a treatment that worked for them, please let me know. Have a good one everybody.

Average Girl.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


OK Here It Goes

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

OK my answers!!!!!
1. Today I registered to go to College (part time) for the first time ever
2. I am a potato chip fanatic
3. I am one of the most weirdest / realistic people you will ever meet
4. I had a boyfriend once who was physically abusive
5. I wonder deep down if my kids like me. Not just love me, but like me as a person.

I am tagging:

Friday, December 7, 2007

Who is Average Girl?

Depends on who you ask....roflmao.....

I am the girl next door that you watched grow up. I was the teenager who made you go crazy. I was the student who never had to study and excelled in school. I was not a cheerleader, or part of the " it clique". I am a wife, mother, daughter, aunt and probably the most crazy girl you will ever meet. So say hello, you never know who that "Average Girl" is going to turn into...

Company Christmas Party No-No's

Tis the season, for company Christmas parties. I have compiled a short list of my no-no's and they are:

1. Do not go home with a co-worker
2. Do not dress like you work 3rd & North
3. Do not get plastered
4. Do not talk too much about work itself.
5. Do not be disrespectful to the Boss's spouse / S.O.
6. No fighting

If you can not comply with these items, well you may be looking in the Daily Times for a job.

Ho.Ho.Ho. Merry Christmas.........

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Are You A Chronic Underachiever?

I had a very liberating conversation with someone I know about this very topic last night. The chronic underachiever is a person who 1. Is content living an idol life, you know this person. They have LOTS of potential, but do not utilize it in the correct way. 2. They complain and complain about the same things, and never do anything to change the issue at hand. 3. They blame everyone else for their short comings and can give 100 excuses, but none are acceptable.

In my short time here on earth, I have been exposed to alot of "Chronic Underachievers". I always wondered why I never quite fit in. Well, I do now. After being exposed to quite a few "Overachievers" I see where I belong.

Chronic Underachievers can be mentally and physically draining to Overachievers. I still have trouble understanding how someone can be OK with their selves as a Chronic Underachiever. This does not mean I don't think my stuff don't stink. How can anyone be OK not living up to their full potential?

So my questions for you are...
1. Are you an Overachiever, or an Underachiever?
2. What has influenced you to become that way?
3. In your close knit of people, which category is dominant?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How Can the Average Family Survive?

Everyone reading this right now fully understands what I am talking about. To go to the grocery store and purchase 1-gallon of milk and 1-box of cereal will cost you $10.00. This is absurd!!! The cost of living is crazy for the average person. I am going to provide you with a simple budget for the average family, to show you just how hard it is to live, even with two incomes.

Person #1 - $2,000.00 per month (that is only $500.00 per week) - Cleared
Person #2 - $1,500.00 per month (that is only $375.00 per week) - Cleared
Total of Income per month $3,500.00
Those are good numbers to work with, they are close to the average two person household, at least in this area)

Rent / Mortgage - $900.00 per month
Electric bill - $175.00 per month (if you are lucky)
House Phone bill - $65.00 per month
Cell phone bill - $75.00 per month
Groceries - $400.00 per month (at $100.00 per week, that is not alot of groceries)
Veh. #1 Insurance - $100.00 per month
Veh. #2 Insurance - $100.00 per month
Gas #1 - $240.00 per month (that is at $60.00 per week, and that's cheap)
Gas #2 - $240.00 per month
For those who have the average 2.4 kids - Daycare $600.00 per month (that's $150.000 per week)
Gas for heat / cooking $200.00 per month
Total for Expenses per month $3,095.00

You now have a balance left of $405.000

Now, $405.00 is left. But I haven't even included, a veh. payment, misc. birthdays, summer / winter clothes for your kids - as you know when kids are young, they can never wear the same clothes from one winter to the next b/c they have outgrown them. Christmas gifts - not included. An emergency within the house i.e. hot water heater broke, pipes frozen, backed up septic, fridge broke, or health insurance costs and also no credit cards.

I know some will say "You have to plan better". The numbers I used are bare minimum numbers. Which most people are living off of. When you can barely afford to stay afloat, how can you ever get ahead? Get a better job? - Maybe, if you can afford to lose time at work (and $$$$) to go back to school part time and learn a new trade.

No, this is not for sympathy for the average people, this is just an example of how people are trying to live, and are failing miserably. Thanks for listening, Average Girl.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Details of the Seaford Christmas Parade

As we approached our normal parking spot for the parade, we noticed alot of streets were closed off. Basically, from High St. to Stein Hwy was blocked off, because they were already full of vehicles. We finally found a spot to park and walk. When we got to the main viewing area on High St., we seen all these people walking around with hot chocolate. Having two kids, when they see hot chocolate, we pretty much have to get some. So we stopped a lady and asked her where she got her's "St. John's Church". So we walked to the church and got in line. All of us got our hot chocolate, and some cookies they had out. my husband reached into his pocket and pulled some money out, "How much do we owe you?" The lady replied "It's Free". FREE!!! I have never found someone at one of these kind of events giving away something for free. So a big KUDOS to St. John's Church.

There were several Middle / High School bands participating in the parade, they are as follows:
Seaford High
Crisfield High
Wicomico Middle
Delmar High
Woodbridge High

All the schools did a great job. Crisfield High really put alot of effort into their performance. They had their band, some color guards doing a series of moves, along with a baton girl - she was awesome. Not to mention their outfits were great.

Other participants worth mentioning:
Sen. Robert Venables
Councilman Dale Dukes
Sussex County Register of Wills - Dave Wilson
Harley Davidson of Seaford - By far the largest float there
Several Boy Scout troops
Girl Scouts
Froggy 99.9
Beauty and the Beast
Someone had a real deer fully stuffed in their float
Miniature ponies
Llamas - I believe, they could have been Alpacas?
And of course, no other than - MR. & MRS. CLAUSE at the end

Fantabulous - yes, fantabulaous show / parade. My family and I are looking forward to next years parade. I am trying to get the photos uploaded, but it is giving me a hard time this morning. Merry Christmas everyone.

Oh... p.s. Santa, if you are listening - I need a new camera!!!!!
love, Average Girl.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Seaford Christmas Parade - Tonight

The Annual Seaford Christmas Parade kicks off at 7:00 p.m. tonight. I can almost guarantee it will be awesome. The City of Seaford coordinates the parade every year. It runs from Pennsylvania Ave., to the end of High St.

As a little girl, I can remember sitting on my front porch watching the parade go by. All the fire trucks, police cars, school floats and the bands going by. Watching the parade is a good way to "get you in the mood" for Christmas. Now I am a mother and since my children have been born, we have brought them to watch the parade. They love it and my daughter is sooo... excited - because she remembers from the previous years.

I will be posting pictures Sunday afternoon, for those of you who didn't get the chance to come. So make sure to stayed tuned in.!!!! Average Girl

I'm Back!!!!!

Yes, I am back after being MIA for the last two days. Had some family things to take care of. Enjoy the next couple of posts. Thanks, Average Girl

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Season 2007

As all of you are aware, the Christmas Season is approaching us very fast. Remember when you were a kid and it seemed like it took FOREVER for Santa Clause to come? Now it seems to come too fast. One day it's summer time, the next thing you know Christmas is a month away. My tress is going up soon and I will have my shopping complete this weekend. This has been the best year for us as far as Christmas and being prepared goes. Money is tighter (as most of you can sympathize) but it is not as stressful.

My home will also be the gathering spot for all the family to exchange gifts, ect... Finally we can just relax on Christmas, no running around, house to house. My daughter is really trying to be good and behave because she still believes in Santa and the fact that he can see you, even though you can't see him. (she still believes I have eyes in the back of my head, and only other mommies can see them) lol......

So as the end of the year is approaching, what are some of your resolutions? What do you hope Santa brings you? What is on your own children/grandchildren's wishlist? What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Winter Weather

The good Ole Farmers Almanac is predicting "wet weather" for December 12 - 15. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!! I love the snow, sleet or anything that resembles snow. So plan accordingly.

Baby Grace Identified

Some of you may recall last month a report of a little girl named "Baby grace" was located in a storage bin on an island just off the coast of Galveston, TX. I have followed this story closely and they have finally identified her. Her name was Riley Ann Sawyers, age 2. Riley's mother and her boyfriend have been arrested in connection with her murder. Yes, murder, she had a fractured skull.

I am sorry but, I could never hurt my children, or someone else's child for that matter. There is nothing in this world that a child of that age could do, to cause an adult - especially the mother, to be involved in injuring the child. What I see happened was this. 1. Mother found boyfriend online. 2. They decided to run away and get married. 3. Both decided child had to go, she was in the way. 4. They kill her and hide the body. FREAKING SICKOS

Riley has a father. They could have taken her there, then disappeared. Better yet, grand mom was available. I smell the death penalty for those monsters.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks Joe Albero !!!

No this is not an Anti - Albero blog. This is a true Thank You to him for putting my link on his site. I have been watching him online for some time. I have left comments a time or two, but I watch faithfully everyday and also have turned some of my friends over to his site. It has been very encouraging to watch how he says what he feels, regardless of the consequences. I guess when you speak the truth, there are no consequences. Please, visit his site and you will see what I mean Kudos to Joe, and thanks for tuning in. Average Girl.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bow Hunting for Women?

Yes, I am ready to be called a redneck.....

Over this past spring, my husband and I have both got wrapped up in Bow hunting. I come from a family of hunters, my dad, both my brothers, uncles, cousins, ect... Hubby has always had an interest in guns, but never ventured over to hunting, or to Archery. My brother happened to get him interested earlier this year and suprisingly enough, me too.

For my most recent birthday, I asked for a Bow. My hubby stepped up to the plate and made that happen for me. I have a Fred Bear SQ32 - Left-handed. Talk about hard to find. Anyways, I got the bow set up and went down to the local Gander Mountain to practice at the indoor range. (this was my first time, so we wanted to be in the hands of someone more knowledgeable) Well, I did very good, I hit very close to the bullseye. (go me!!!!) So I went home and practiced after work / dinner for a couple weeks. In the meantime, my hubby has been going to local archery shop and shooting competition with the guys.

I finally feel confident enough to go. So hubby, brother, cousin and I load up in the van. They take me to the same place they have been going. Now let me explain this, I am by no means a "big girl" but, I have had 2 kids in the last 5 years and yes, I am out of shape, but I am still hot by all means. Back to the story. They wanted to shoot OUTSIDE, in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity. I had sweat my ass off and was exhausted. I shot very well, got a couple bullseyes, never missed the target or lost an arrow. (go me again!!!)

Hubby decides, he needs a better bow. So he goes and buys a brand new 2007 Matthews Drenalin. It is nice and very light weight (for any person looking in the market to purchase a new bow - this one is highly recommended)

You see, when he and I both started shooting, it was about competition, not hunting. Now he decides he wants to hunt, Whitetail Deer. Me, ummm not so much. I will cook it and I will eat it. He went and got his hunting license, got all the camo and Orange needed along with all the accessories you must have to hunt. Good part is, he finally got his first buck of the season, bad part, he shot it with a muzzelloader. (he had already taken a doe with his Matthews on opening day for the entire season) The buck was wanted by all members in the hunting club, hunting the land. Everyone had seen it, but no one could get a shot on it. For this area, it is considered a big buck. 11 points, (both brow tines were broke off - so that would have been a 13 pointer), 170 lb field dressed. It is extremely tall, all the tines were very tall. This was the "Dominant Buck" in the area so to speak.

Right now, he is being stuffed to be proudly displayed on a strong wall in our home. My Dad had been watching this deer for 2 years with hopes of being "the one" to take him down. When it was all said and done, my dad said he was glad one of HIS boys got 'em.
I will continue to shoot competition, and I hope to one day go hunt for Mule Deer or Elk, or other big game. Whitetail just doesn't do it for me, besides, I think it would be hard to top the one hubby got.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Secrets

Some of you may already be familiar with a site called I have to admit, my hubby and I visit this site every Sunday. The idea behind that site is to help people get things off their chest, namely - Secrets. You make a postcard anonymously, and put your secret on the back. Every week the author gets 1,000's of secrets and goes through them and posts one's that might be of interest to others. He has also published books with secrets in them. (which just happens to be what some people are getting for Christmas) It can make you feel a whole lot better about your own secrets, or make you feel worse. Depending on YOUR secret. There is a link to a suicide hotline, along with a personal story from a woman who needed that number and how it helped her.Postsecret is the largest advertisement free blog. That has alot to say in itself. Check it out for yourself.

Hunting Accidents

In the area near where I live, there has been a report of the first hunting fatalities. On Nov. 10 a man in Richmond, VA was accidentaly shot while hunting. Come on now. Someone explain this to me. My father, uncles, brother and husband all hunt Whitetail Deer. Me, I am interested in big game, Mule Deer, Elk, Bear, ect... Now being around hunters all my life, I have yet to understand how someone can be so irresponsible hunting. No one in my family has accidentally shot someone, or been accidentally shot. When you are in "The Zone" in your tree stand and it's cold and windy, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU EVER SHOOT AT SOMETHING YOU CAN NOT IDENTIFY???? Why would you shoot into the bushes because it moved? There are hunter safety courses out there, and they are in place for a reason. In most states it is mandatory to take those classes if you are under a certain age, to even be able to obtain a hunting license. Last week, I had to take my new kitten to the vet and get his shots. While I was in the waiting room, a classy woman walks in and tells the lady at the front counter " I have 3 Labs and they got out of the fenced in area, when they come home, one had been shot. It is not vital, but we need to get her looked at." Now I am pretty sure this woman had collars on her dogs. How can a hunter shoot a dog? I know dogs have a reputation for running the deer, but you do not have to shoot them. What if it was your animal? What if it was your Dad? Or Bother? When you pick up your bow or shotgun or muzzelloader, please think about what you are shooting at. If you can not see it clearly or at all, DO NOT SHOOT. It is that simple. Besides, who wants a bad shot on an animal, then you have to track it for 100's of yards, then even if you find it. Try your best shot when shooting, you want the kill to be as humane as possible. Please take the time while you are out there to hunt properly.

Black Friday Madness

Ok, now am I the only one who does not get up at 2:00 a.m. and put on a smiling face to head out into a world of more crazy women????? I know there are some fabulous deals out there and all, but not enough for me. A girlfriend of mine got up at 11:30 p.m. on Thansgiving, just to be at the stores when they open. CRAZY !!!!!! I do not own a pair of elbow pads or a helmet, so obviously I was not prepared to go. LOL. My husband and I will go by ourselves one day and Git-R-Done. Yes, my loving husband participates and I would not dare dream of going without him. I salute all you women out there right now rushing through the crowds, getting bruises and disorderly conduct tickets!! Everyone be safe and good luck finding parking spots anywhere you go. I will have no problem when I go, and I won't get the bruises or the tickets.........

Thanksgiving Day

Well, I can say I am glad it is over. I prepared food for 3 days, for 15 people. It was nice to have my husbands family here. Believe it or not, I have a great relationship with my In-laws. I know, most people dread the holidays because of their relationships with In-laws, but that is not the case here.
My family (who live next door) decided they were going to cook even though they had an invitation to my home. Were my feelings hurt? ABSOLUTELY. My home is large enough to have entertained them and my husbands family. My mom can be a bit nervous around people (social anxiety disorder - that's my guess, for those of you who know what that is.)That's OK. I still wanted her to be here though.
You see, my mother and I have a very strong relationship. When I was little I was always in the kitchen helping her cook, holidays or not. So now that I have my own family and a new house, I thought it would be my turn to return the favor after all these years. I wanted to take that burden away from her. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, so it is not stressful to me, as it is to her.
About 10:30 a.m. I took a break from my home and went over to have some coffee and down time with her. I knew if I didn't, I probably would not have seen her at all on Thansgiving. We laughed and talked about how the day was progressing. So leaving her was akward for both of us. I wanted to tell her my feelings were hurt, but I did not want her to have that on her mind the rest of the day.
At the end of the night, I felt Ok about the situation, knowing we are still next door to each other and as close as we are, we didn't have to eat dinner together to show we are family. I love you mom, Happy Thanksgiving.