Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Daily Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

3-lbs hamburger 93% fat free
1/2 -sm can Manwich
1-lb bacon - uncooked
3- eggs
3-pcs bread soaked in milk til soggy

Set bacon aside. Mix all ingredients well - to get it well mixed, I use my hands, sans jewelry, thoroughly washed!!!! Ok, take the bacon out of the package and pull apart in slices and drape over loaf pan ( i wish i could draw this out for you!) if the loaf pan is horizontal, place bacon vertical across the whole pan. Best I can describe. Back to your meat. Pack meat together and place in loaf pan on top of bacon. Shape it nicely. The pieces of bacon hanging over the edges of pan- bring them up and lay them on top of burger mix. Take a couple extra pieces of bacon and lay on top however you want. Cook 375 covered for 40 minutes, then uncovered 20 minutes. Always (check the temp of meat before serving. ) I serve baked potato or fried potatoes with this.

In the ingred. I suggested 93% fat free burger b/c the juice cooks out, then you have to drain your meatloaf, I know, I did it. And you may still have too a little bit. The bacon gets really crispy and adds a nice flavor to the plain 'ol meatloaf. I make this meatloaf up the night before so hubby can pop in oven when he gets home and dinner is done when the kids and I get there.