Friday, January 4, 2008

My Take on Marriage and Couplehood

No one is perfect. Not me, not even you. There is no "How To" book for reference. In today's time, your marriage or relationship has a 50/50 chance of surviving. Those are some pretty bad odds.

My view on marriage is like this:

Everyone has flaws (I mentioned this earlier). The object of the game is to find someone who has flaws that you can live with. Some people gamble, drink, do rec drugs, shopaholic, hordes, lazy, sloppy, fat, you name it. Every one's tolerance level is different. What may be OK with me, may not be OK with you. And that's OK. If you have been with someone for 10 years or more, you pretty much know that person inside and out. As long as that person is not abusing you in anyway, and you are not miserable, why end the relationship b/c of one flaw? Then you take the chance of trying to find someone who's flaws you can tolerate. (note: the above is just for an example)

When you make a commitment to someone, you have to stand behind it. No one goes into a relationship thinking "I want to get close the this person just so I can screw them up". No. Of course no one wants to get hurt whether accidental or intentional.

Don't be selfish. This applies to all areas of life. Those readers with children understand this very well. You have to think about the other person at all times. What do they want? What can I do for them? If I do this, how will they feel? Those things have to be reciprocated, both ways. When you become selfish, you become alone.

Just because you dreamed of a 6'0" Brunette with blue eyes (MY HUBBY) sometimes you get the 5'4" Red head with green eyes. lol..... That makes you happier than a tornado in a trailer park. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Put your heart out there and maybe someone will grab ahold of it, you normally wouldn't even talk to. Beauty is more than looks, and sometimes a great personality can make someone gorgeous.

Marriage is a great thing for those that want it. You have to want it though. Vows are not meant to be broken. A promise is not meant to be broken. Hearts are definitely not meant to be broken. If you get married, don't end it because of something so trivial or just because you need a change. Marriage and underwear are NOT the same thing.

Of course, sometimes a relationship NEEDS / HAS to end. Don't ever tolerate abuse - any form of it, from anyone. And there are other logical reasons to end things, but you have to decide is it right.

Best wishes to all those out there still searching for "The One" also to the ones who have already found "The One"


Michael M. said...

That is above average advice for some who claims to be an average girl! Not many of us can claim happy marriages anymore so congrats. Good recipes too....I'll forward them to my wife, who LOVES to cook.