Sunday, January 27, 2008


For you readers not from the Eastern Shore, I want to share a great food with you.

Scrapple is.....well scraps. I know it sounds gross, but it is soooo delicious! You purchase it in a block - like cheese - sort of. To cook it, you slice it and cook over medium heat in an ungreased pan, about 7 minutes on each side til golden brown. It's crispy, it's warm, it makes me happy!!!

This is a breakfast meat just like bacon or sausage. I like mine as a sandwich with a fried egg and cheese. A tall glass of cold milk is a nice compliment. Some people like it on a sandwich with mustard, some like it on a plate cut up.

Delaware and Maryland carry scrapple. However, Cracker Barrell in these states do not offer it. Shame on you.

There are various brands, RAPA, Hughes, Miton and probably some more I don't know about. I used to prefer RAPA, but lately it has too much filler - like a bad crab cake. I recently purchased some of Hughes brand, and it was better, a little greasy, but better tasting.

So if anyone visits these states, ask for it. It will not disappoint you.


Tonya said...

I ws first introduced to Scrapple while still dating my husband. We went to Pennsylvania to visit his extended family and Aunt Teri made scrapple -- a food I had never even heard of before. I think she flours each side before cooking it.

Anyway, I really liked it (I prefer it with a touch of syrup) and asked Grandpop to please pass me some more. Only problem -- I asked him to pass the 'spackle' instead of 'scrapple!' I am teased about it to this day!

I'll have to check and see if anyone carries it out here in Colorado!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Good Luck!!! And they had Scrapple in PA??? When we visit, we can not find anyone who carries it, let alone heard of it. If we have pancakes or french toast, I eat my scrapple on the plate, and yes the syrup does give it a nice taste.

That's Elbert With An "E" said...

Your scrapple post prompted a post on my site which inspired Howard at Delmar Dustpan who included a scrapple recipe that I'd never seen before. The link to his post is here.

Anonymous said...

ohmygod i love scrapple and i dont care who thinks its gross. i grew up in Pennsylvania and Maryland and always loved it, even after i found out what it was made of. i now live on the west coast and they either have no idea what it is or say that its a southern thing and they dont have it. If you've never tried it because it sounds gross then you are missing out, its the best breakfast food ever!

rouletta said...

Scrapple is nasty...JMHO. As for scrapple in PA yes in certain parts of the state mid-state, southcentral and southeastern areas mainly, I think. Then again I don't look or ask for the nasty shit so what do I know?