Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some People Just Don't Understand

What it takes to live, I mean. To understand where I am coming from here is some dialogue to help you out:

BM: Well, my landlord kicked me out.
Me: Did you pay your rent?
BM: The General contractor I sub off of hasn't paid me in a week, so I didn't have the money.
Me: Hasn't paid you in a week? And b/c of that you can not pay your rent?
BM: Sounds right.
Me: Are you serious? You miss one week, the week before your rent is due and you can not pay your rent so you get evicted?
(this is me, getting irritated)
Me: Are you still working for this guy?
BM: Yes, I feel sorry for him.
Me: Sorry for him? What about you? What about you money?
BM: I don't know.
Me-again: Didn't you know this time last month your rent would be due?
BM: Yes, but.....
Me: What have you done with your last 3 paychecks?
BM: Well, I went to the bar a couple of times, took my girl out to dinner, bought a new cell phone.
Me: How much do you spend at the bar on average, a night?
BM: About $100.00, and I go about 3 times a week.
Me: So the Bartender got your rent money?
BM: Basically.
Me: You are pathetic.
Me-again: So where are you going to move?
BM: Back home with mom.
BM: Why are you so hard on me? You just made me feel like a piece of shit.
Me: Good, maybe next time you have rent due, you will think back on this conversation.
BM: Man I wish we weren't related, I need a woman like you to keep my a$$ straight.
Me: As long as you act irresponsible, you will never get woman like me b/c she will not tolerate your dumb a$$.

Now mind you, BM is a relative so I can have this kind of open dialogue with him.
No matter what you have to work and pay bills to make it in this world. Unless a. you got a big trust fund. b. your parents are filthy rich and will pay for everything. or c. You married into money and don't have to work. For those of us in the real world, a. b. or c. do not apply to us. I just don't understand how someone can act/sound/be soo stupid. Now if BM's mom would not let him move back in and made that clear some time ago, he might have thought twice about blowing his money. Now, I am not blaming this on BM's Mom at all. She is a mother and would do just about anything for her kids, as most mothers would.

My point is BM knew he could come back home no matter what. Now me on the other hand, no. I mean I could if I needed to, but I have been on my own (by choice) since I was 17. Paying rent, and utilities and working my arse off. It would hurt my pride to have to go back home. Did BM miss the memo about Independence and the payoff that comes with it ( respect)????? I am sure glad it didn't pass me by.


joealbero said...

Unfortunately, this is reality today.

My Wife and I are raising our Grandson because his two piece of sh!t parents are flat out worthless.

The only plus about it is, we have the Grandson. Unfortunately for BM's Mother, she has to baby her child who is obviously a grown adult.

Parenting today flat out sucks. Many of you do not have grown children and haven't experienced what it's like to raise 5 boys through their teenage years. Trust me, it isn't easy.

Fortunately, we know who to help out and who not to. The Grandson's Father, he can kiss my ass for the rest of his life and that goes for the Child's Mother as well. In our situation, we did what was right and what was necessary. BM's Mother should throw the SOB to the curb and let him sleep under the Boardwalk and or in the Bathroom at the Salisbury Zoo.

Average Girl In Average World said...
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Anonymous said...

wow great post. i love family.

Michael M. said...

Perhaps because BM has the choice to go home, the cost of not meeting responsibilities is not all that costly after all. If there were no net to catch him I suspect his choice's would start to mirror his reality. Good for you that you are there to provide a swift kick in the, uh, rear.

joealbero said...
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kba said...

Joe from court records we all can see what a great job you and Jenahoe did with your kids.

Average Girl In Average World said...

kba - wrong person, wrong blog. call joe with your comments, his number is listed on his site. THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-ALBERO BLOG, THIS IS NOT JOE'S BLOG.

Tonya said...

And isn't it hard when it's family? When you know that it isn't how they were raised so they don't have that excuse? I've seen it a lot and it bugs me to no end. Even my own siblings -- who now begrudge me the life I WORKED hard to earn. I count myself blessed to have the wit and wisdom to create the life I want rather than shlepping off other folks. I am. Blessed. -- and I look forward to trying some of these recipes! Thanks!

Amphritrite said...

Lol, I wish I could have these kinds of conversations with MY siblings, but they're all much "too sensitive", if you know what I mean ;)

Take care, and thanks for stopping through my blog!