Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update On My Brother

Today is Wed. (you already knew that) and I am at work. Can't focus, can't get much of anything completed. I am here trying to distract my brain from everything that's happening. Right now my brother is in the final surgery - the last of the 3 required. I was going to go on Monday and see him, but my emotions are too high, and he's not awake anyway. This does not mean I love him any less, trust me it is best for everyone that I didn't go. I needed a break. I took Monday off and slept, ALL DAY!!!!

My oldest brother and I are trying to get information and locations together to do some fundraisers & benefits for him, you know to help out with his bills, help for his kids, help for things he is going to need when he comes home - which will probably be about 4-6 months. I am trying to redirect my anger and make something positive out it - for my brother. I have bought a huge poster board and I am printing pictures and positive/ motivational saying and I am going to put it all together like a collage and take it up to him.

I had to try to explain to my daughter what happened. No I didn't go into details, just that he was in an accident and is in the hospital. Well she blew up a balloon, and drew a picture of him on a hospital bed and wrote "Love - -- then his name" She made him cards and drew pictures for him. Now he isn't just a fly by night Uncle to her, she sees him 4-5 times a week. He would come and watch her play soccer, race her go-karts, he is active in her life and she misses him. My son, well he's just too young to understand, so we are letting him be right now.

I have been trying to prepare everyone for how he is going to try and cope with this news. He is going to go through every emotion in the book - 100 times worse than any of us have. He is going to be mad, then angry, then depressed, then try to push people away from him, then mad again. The hospital is aware to put to him on a suicide watch when he comes to. This is a 27 year old man that enjoyed riding his motorcycles, driving his mustangs, partying and yeah, he liked women (not many women find a man in a wheelchair attractive) - sad but true.

My mother is still in shock. She just keeps saying "Thank God he's alive". That's all she can say, she is in denial about the circumstances surrounding this. Please pray for him, and even if you don't believe in the big man, pray to someone for him, his kids and our family. Thank You. Average Girl

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wow this has been a crazy weekend.
Friday night 2/22, at about 11:00p.m. my brother was involved in a near fatal car accident. He was run over in a parking lot by a SUV.

The 12th vertebrae in his back is crushed and moved out of place.
His spine was out of place
His pelvis is crushed
Both femurs have to be reattached to the pelvis

Good News:
He is breathing on his own
No severe internal injuries
No head wounds or brain damage
He is physically VERY strong
His heart never stopped beating

Right now he is in University of Maryland, Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Four teams of back surgeons participated in his back surgery on Saturday. They were able to get his spine set back in place, and get the vertebrae back in place. Today or Monday they are going to work on his pelvis and legs. He needs plates, pins and rods inserted. In the meantime they are keeping him in a medication induced coma until after all surgeries are completed. The Surgeons told us he has less than a 50% chance of ever walking again. It will be months before he can even come home and there is about 1-2 years of hard physical therapy ahead of him. We believe we know who did this, as there was no witnesses except for the persons SUV who run him over, who happens to be a mother to one of his children, and has had a police report filed against her, less than 60 days ago by a woman who is another mother of one his children. Once more happens with that I will let you know.

Please pray for him, hiis children - Brittany, Angelia & Gavin, and the entire family. Thank You

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Update On College

I failed the math exam. Missed a passing grade by 1 point. Now I have to take the full math course. It's ok though. By taking the full course I can master the math needed to do the job, which is a good thing (and so I can pass the state board exam). There were more people in the class then I expected - about 25. The professor is great, keeping things flowing and answering questions as needed, besides he is funny too.!

While I am at class on Tuesday & Thursday my wonderful husband is trying to hold the fort down. It's not that I don't trust him to take care of things, I do, he just does things a little different than me. He also lacks the cooking skills I have (ok he lacks ALL cooking skills) in turn the kids So on my weekly journey to the grocery store Saturday, I picked up easy meals for him to make for the kids (and himself) on nights I am gone. Problem # 1 solved. Problem #2 - his cleaning methods. Anyone with kids reading this knows small kids make the biggest mess. He turns the "cleanliness blinders" on while I am gone. He always has and probably always will. No hope for problem #2, just wishes.

He was extremely anxious about me starting college. I think because he wasn't sure about himself and holding the fort down --ALONE. You see, it takes two people especially when both parties work full time and you have two kids. Below is our normal schedule:
I get off @ 5:00 - pick kids up
Get home @ 5:40
I start dinner
He helps daughter with homework (while I listen in and offer help when needed)
We eat
Kids get their baths ( we rotate bath duty)
I clean up kitchen
Hubby cleans up living room and empties trash cans
8:00 sharp kids in bed
Mommy & Daddy time until we fall out

When I am at college, he has to do everything from the time I would normally start dinner to kids bed time ALL BY HIMSELF. He is a little more lenient on the kids and that schedule than I am. Children thrive on routine, schedules, ect...

So far so good. When I get home the kids are are asleep, homework is done and the house is a wreck. I expected nothing less. It's all fine though, besides I have off every weekend so i can clean house then, right?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today Is The Day!!!

Today is the first day of college for me. I have a huge math exam to take, that I am soooo nervous about I could throw up! Wish me luck, I need it.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Are You ready For Summer?

I know I am. We got a tease of warm weather this week and it's really getting me down. Does anyone remember Will Smith's song "Summertime"? Each Spring this song starts to play in my head. Corny I know, but it's true.

Most of my childhood memories are of the Summer. My parents didn't have alot of money, so we had to find inexpensive things to do. Every Sunday we would all load up and go to the beach. Not Ocean City or Rehobeth, but the inlet in between. No boardwalk, no food vendors, we didn't need them. Mom would pack enough food and drinks to keep us happy. Trust me, 3 kids could find enough to do on an almost empty beach. Mom would lay out, Dad would fish and us kids would swim, search for starfish, dissect washed up horseshoe crabs (eewww, I know). The only downfall to a day at the beach is the sand. It was everywhere., in your bathing suit, stuck to your feet, in your hair - which made it extremely nappy.

Now as adults with 2 kids of our own we take them to the beach when we can. My daughter is a water bug, loves pools, the beach or anything to do with water. My son, hated water the first 2 years of his life, so last year was the first year he really enjoyed it.

Summertine also allows me to do what I really love. Gardening. I know I sound old, but it relaxes me. Watching something grow from nothing is a great feeling. Living in a brand new house, with a clean slate of a yard to work with, my imagination has gone wild. I can not get what's in my head on paper, so trying to explain to everyone what my intentions are, is hard. People ask me "Why don't you hire someone?" Ummm, hello, because I WANT THE SATISFACTION OF SAYING, I DID IT MYSELF. Nothing against people who do hire professionals, but I like self satisfaction, and it's cheaper!!!

Pretty soon I will be able to spend my weekends outside planting flowers and watching my hummingbirds come and go. Now that I have shared what I love about Summertime, what is your favorite Summertime activity?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sometimes Mom Gets Sick

The stomach bug got me. I was sick Thursday and Friday.

My house fell apart.

My boss got mad at me.

Hubby got sick.

No returning to work on Friday and playing catch up. I was way to sick. So I was out Wed - Fri. Monday was hell, because well.... it's Monday and it is also the beginning of the month - DOUBLE WAMMY FOR ME.

At home I had dishes everywhere, the dog was dragging blankets out of the kids room to sleep on, laundry piled up, cats crying for attention, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

Sunday was a "better" day. I got some things at home straight, stopped pucking, cooked some food, watched some tv - no superbowl for us, Thank You anyway. I went outside to take the trash out and stood on my deck looking around, it was a nice day and suddenly wanted to work in my garden. Hello, it's Winter! No garden! So I hung my head and went back into the house, then I realized, I better take that sign off the door.



My daughter is the only one who has not gotten the stomach bug, but has a terrible cough. Mommom is taking her to Dr. today make sure it's not an infection. Can we get a break please!?!?!!?!?!?!?!