Saturday, February 9, 2008

Are You ready For Summer?

I know I am. We got a tease of warm weather this week and it's really getting me down. Does anyone remember Will Smith's song "Summertime"? Each Spring this song starts to play in my head. Corny I know, but it's true.

Most of my childhood memories are of the Summer. My parents didn't have alot of money, so we had to find inexpensive things to do. Every Sunday we would all load up and go to the beach. Not Ocean City or Rehobeth, but the inlet in between. No boardwalk, no food vendors, we didn't need them. Mom would pack enough food and drinks to keep us happy. Trust me, 3 kids could find enough to do on an almost empty beach. Mom would lay out, Dad would fish and us kids would swim, search for starfish, dissect washed up horseshoe crabs (eewww, I know). The only downfall to a day at the beach is the sand. It was everywhere., in your bathing suit, stuck to your feet, in your hair - which made it extremely nappy.

Now as adults with 2 kids of our own we take them to the beach when we can. My daughter is a water bug, loves pools, the beach or anything to do with water. My son, hated water the first 2 years of his life, so last year was the first year he really enjoyed it.

Summertine also allows me to do what I really love. Gardening. I know I sound old, but it relaxes me. Watching something grow from nothing is a great feeling. Living in a brand new house, with a clean slate of a yard to work with, my imagination has gone wild. I can not get what's in my head on paper, so trying to explain to everyone what my intentions are, is hard. People ask me "Why don't you hire someone?" Ummm, hello, because I WANT THE SATISFACTION OF SAYING, I DID IT MYSELF. Nothing against people who do hire professionals, but I like self satisfaction, and it's cheaper!!!

Pretty soon I will be able to spend my weekends outside planting flowers and watching my hummingbirds come and go. Now that I have shared what I love about Summertime, what is your favorite Summertime activity?


Two Date Diva said...

Heading to the beach, with the top down and the itunes rockin!

Michael M. said...

Sitting with my wife on our patio with the music on softly, some adult bevarages and the sound of cicada's in the background...

The Un-Runner said...

I'm determined to garden this year - but I have a question...

How do I keep from killing everything???

Really. I suck.

My husband calls my annual gardening frenzy our "Yearly sacrifice to the gardening gods."

Of course, I respond to my children's thirst with, "I'm pretty sure there's a sink - thataway!" Guess that doesn't work with plants???


rouletta said...

My garden.....I think....I really like sol.itary walks in nature too I just don't do it enough.

This blog brought back memories of sand in my sun chips, thank you hailey and sean, and I can still hear sean squealing with delight in the waves at Rehoboth! Oh gee I seem to recall someone who got rather pink that day as well, LOL.