Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wow this has been a crazy weekend.
Friday night 2/22, at about 11:00p.m. my brother was involved in a near fatal car accident. He was run over in a parking lot by a SUV.

The 12th vertebrae in his back is crushed and moved out of place.
His spine was out of place
His pelvis is crushed
Both femurs have to be reattached to the pelvis

Good News:
He is breathing on his own
No severe internal injuries
No head wounds or brain damage
He is physically VERY strong
His heart never stopped beating

Right now he is in University of Maryland, Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Four teams of back surgeons participated in his back surgery on Saturday. They were able to get his spine set back in place, and get the vertebrae back in place. Today or Monday they are going to work on his pelvis and legs. He needs plates, pins and rods inserted. In the meantime they are keeping him in a medication induced coma until after all surgeries are completed. The Surgeons told us he has less than a 50% chance of ever walking again. It will be months before he can even come home and there is about 1-2 years of hard physical therapy ahead of him. We believe we know who did this, as there was no witnesses except for the persons SUV who run him over, who happens to be a mother to one of his children, and has had a police report filed against her, less than 60 days ago by a woman who is another mother of one his children. Once more happens with that I will let you know.

Please pray for him, hiis children - Brittany, Angelia & Gavin, and the entire family. Thank You


Anonymous said...

OMG! So sorry to here about this! Hope everything turns out ok! Where did this happen?

That's Elbert With An "E" said...

Consider it done. God's peace for you as well.

myself said...

I'm late, but thinking of your brother. How horrible.

Two Date Diva said...

Oh My God, seriously saying a prayer or 100 for you and your family. Take care of yourself.

Michael M. said...

What a tragedy. Best wishes for his healing.