Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update On My Brother

Today is Wed. (you already knew that) and I am at work. Can't focus, can't get much of anything completed. I am here trying to distract my brain from everything that's happening. Right now my brother is in the final surgery - the last of the 3 required. I was going to go on Monday and see him, but my emotions are too high, and he's not awake anyway. This does not mean I love him any less, trust me it is best for everyone that I didn't go. I needed a break. I took Monday off and slept, ALL DAY!!!!

My oldest brother and I are trying to get information and locations together to do some fundraisers & benefits for him, you know to help out with his bills, help for his kids, help for things he is going to need when he comes home - which will probably be about 4-6 months. I am trying to redirect my anger and make something positive out it - for my brother. I have bought a huge poster board and I am printing pictures and positive/ motivational saying and I am going to put it all together like a collage and take it up to him.

I had to try to explain to my daughter what happened. No I didn't go into details, just that he was in an accident and is in the hospital. Well she blew up a balloon, and drew a picture of him on a hospital bed and wrote "Love - -- then his name" She made him cards and drew pictures for him. Now he isn't just a fly by night Uncle to her, she sees him 4-5 times a week. He would come and watch her play soccer, race her go-karts, he is active in her life and she misses him. My son, well he's just too young to understand, so we are letting him be right now.

I have been trying to prepare everyone for how he is going to try and cope with this news. He is going to go through every emotion in the book - 100 times worse than any of us have. He is going to be mad, then angry, then depressed, then try to push people away from him, then mad again. The hospital is aware to put to him on a suicide watch when he comes to. This is a 27 year old man that enjoyed riding his motorcycles, driving his mustangs, partying and yeah, he liked women (not many women find a man in a wheelchair attractive) - sad but true.

My mother is still in shock. She just keeps saying "Thank God he's alive". That's all she can say, she is in denial about the circumstances surrounding this. Please pray for him, and even if you don't believe in the big man, pray to someone for him, his kids and our family. Thank You. Average Girl


Two Date Diva said...

Consider the prayers done. Rmember to keep taking care of yourself as well. Sending out a big 'ol cyber hug!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Thank you. Hugs are sending there way back to you too!!!!!

Michael M. said...

I know it must take courage to retell the story over and over. Glad your blog can be an outlet.

The 'stages of grief' are a helpful guide to understanding the steps folks go through when dealing with loss of all kinds (both victims and their family, etc.) Contact me privately and I'll happily get you a copy or you can find several versions on the web.

Average Girl In Average World said...

The story is so twisted that, if he wanted we could write a book. And it would sell. CRAZY..... Thanks for the recommmendation on the book, I will see about that.

Tonya said...

Your brother and all your family are in my prayers. Have hope...