Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dailey Recipe: Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

2 1/2 boxes 10x sugar
4- sticks margarine
1- 18oz. jar JIF peanut butter
1- bag chocolate chip morsels
1- spoonful for Crisco

Mix p. butter, margarine (soft) and sugar well. Form into egg shape, for size, take your first finger and thumb on each hand and form and oval. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper and place in freezer, until very cold (appox. 1 hour). Take choc. chips and put them a microwave safe bowl and cook on high appox. 3.5 minutes. Every microwave is different, and you can not tell if they are melted by just looking, you have to take the bowl out and stir it. Once is it pretty smooth, remove from microwave and add Crisco to it. Stir very well. TIP: The Crisco mixed with the choc. chips makes it very smooth, so it can be used for dipping, drizzling, ect.... (keep that in mind for future recipes!!)

Take eggs out of freezer and start to dip them in choc. mix. Place back on cookie sheet, with wax paper. Let the choc. harden (takes about 20 minutes). Then decorate. I usually write names on it, maybe add a couple flowers, or hearts, whatever you feel like adding to it. Place in fridge when done.

DISCLAIMER: if you intend on gifting these to a child, make sure the parents know not to leave these unattended with child. They will consume entire egg, without a second thought, therefore someone will be responsible for getting the child off their massive sugar high!!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl!!! You are the best! These are awsome!