Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 3 - No Smoking

Three days already! Things are going well. Still no craving for a cig. Habit is trying to get the best of me. When I was in my vehicle, I would always keep my cigs in the door pocket - easy to get to, and they can't fall out. Every time I have left work for lunch, I catch myself digging in the door, only to recover my Anti Smoking medicine. Nice reminder. I just laugh at myself when I do it.

Do I want to smoke? No.

Keeping busy has been the best thing I could do. I can smell better, I feel better & my clothes and hair smell much better (I had no idea how good my shampoo/conditioner really smelled).

There will be a call to my Doctor Monday morning, Thanking her for this chance. It may sound silly to some people, but if you have never smoked before then you have no idea HOW HARD IT IS TO QUIT. It's like crack. Literally. So to overcome such a habit/addiction, it is a huge deal. If you know someone who has quit - give them props. If you know someone who is trying to quit, recommend Chantix (that's what I'm taking) and have some patience/ sympathy for them - it's hard.


That's Elbert With An "E" said...

Congratulations on your 3-day victory. I've never smoked but know from family members that it's not easy to quit.

Hey, I've tagged you with a challenge, which based on your recent life changes, it might be a good time to do. Take a look at this post.

chantix said...

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Dr. Cynthia said...

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