Friday, May 16, 2008

Anxiety Issues

Severe test taking anxiety that is.

I had my final math exam on Wed. night. This exam was also the final exam before my State Board Exam. Come to find out, I had already taken this test - and failed. (on the first night of class, they give us this test to see if we needed to take the math course, I failed by one point)

Our class got moved to another room because the college had graduation that night, so I was lost, no one was available to help me find my way again. Finally find the room, realize it's the same test I already failed, PANIC.

I had 2 shirts on, the bottom one was a tank top. Well it had to come off - in the middle of class (good thing I was in the back row) I was sweating horribly, started crying, snot running down my face (had to use my tank top to clean my face up) shaking, ect..... I kept looking at the door trying to decide whether or not to bolt and just forget it all.

Well after I got myself together and said eff it, I handed my test in.

I GOT 88%. Nothing to write home about, but once I got in the hallway - I screamed oh happy happy joy joy. The instructor must really believe I am loony. That's Ok, I passed.


Anonymous said...

Scarey!!! Another person like myself, lol! Well Congradulations!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

You are not alone....I am here with you....sweaty palms and all !!!!!!

Michael M. said...