Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Deeds

No, not that kind of good deed.

Yesterday while in my local grocery store, a woman was in line behind me with her 2 daughters about 7 & 9 years old. She was a decent looking lady, clean and her girls were clean and polite. In her arms she had some spaghetti sauce, cake mix and a few more little items. As she stood there, she told her girls to move over to the counter so she could count her change in her pocketbook. I don't think she had enough.

As I moved through the line and paid my bill, I give the cashier a note and an additional $10.00 saying "please give this to the woman behind me". The cashier finished me out and as I was walking away, I could hear the woman asking the cashier to check her Food Stamp card to see if it had any money on it.

I just smiled to myself. I have been there done that (counting change for groceries). Now I am by no means rich, but I could afford to give this woman $10.00 and it made my heart sing.

As we were loading the groceries up in my van, I told the kids what I had done and my daughter started crying. She said it was sad the woman didn't have money to eat with, but was happy to know I kicked her a couple bucks. See, Mommy isn't all mean, I DO have a


Anonymous said...

You reap what you sow!!! Good for you!! I had a similar situation, this past winter. I remember it was a very cold day and tastee freeze was still open. I walked out of the family dollar and was greeted by a gentleman (not dressed very well). He asked me for money for something to eat. I asked is it really for something to eat? He said yes. I said i will not give you money but i will meet you at the tastee freeze and buy you something there. He ordered a sandwich and i said dont you want something to drink, he said if it is ok. I paid for his food and he hugged me and then said, i'm sorry i hugged you all dirty and i probably stink. It must have showed in my face, and i felt horrible!!!!! I then left enough money there so that he could come back and get another meal. I walked out, got in my car and as i drove away cried like a big baby!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

aawwwww, doesn't it feel good though? That's really nice.

theneatos said...

That is awesome! I make a point, about once a month, to pay extra at a drive through for the person behind me. I don't know their story, and I am not sure it impacts them as strongly as your situation did - but it makes me feel good.

I am super glad your little ones were there to witness something extraordinary. Way to set a great example!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Thanks. Kudos to you too for your good deeds!!!!!

Two Date Diva said...

That's awesome! It's nice when you know you can help someone out when they really need it.

Anonymous said...

so, if she and/or her kids had been dirty, they wouldn't have warranted your kindness?

toot your own horn much?

Average Girl In Average World said...

Anon 6:39 - My point is they didn't look like crack heads standing there, waiting for a free meal. No I would not help a crack head or someone who I thought could do more to help themselves. People get in a bind sometimes, I understand that, and I could not bear to see her stanidng there with 2 KIDS scraping for change to feed them.

Don't come on here and try to turn things around, and make it look like I'm an ass. What I did was help somebody - they just happened to be decent / clean looking.

wymzie said...

My husband is a serial entrepenauer being married to him means we have been extremely well off and paid off our home and all of our bills and paid cash for our cars. We do this because there have also been times when we haven't had two cents to rub together.
In order to recieve I believe you must give. You must sow the seeds before you can reap a harvest. However, we must also allow others in our lives to sow their seeds too. Which means sometimes we have to be on the receiving end. This way they will one day be able to reap a harvest too.
Giving is one of the most beautiful things that we can do. I love to give, and only wish that I had more to give with.

Anonymous said...

Average Girl I got your point! And I dont think it was tooting your horn like Anon 6:39 said! What you did and telling about might make someone else think about doing it too!!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Anon 2:36

Thank you, you see where I was going with this.