Monday, May 12, 2008

The Juice Debate

For those of you with children or are trying to find a healthier alternative to actually eating veggies. Here is some interesting info:

Juicy Juice: 8 oz Serving:
110 cal.
0 fat
20 mg Sodium
260 mg Potassium
28 gram Carbs
0 Fiber
26 grams Sugar
120% Vitamin C

Diet V8 Splash Juice: 8 oz Serving
10 Cal.
0 fat
40 mg Sodium
100 mg Potassium
3 grams Carbs
(no avail fiber info)
2 grams Sugar
100% Vitamin C
100% Vitamin A
20% Vitamin E

I provide this info because being a mother and all.. I do read nutrition labels for my kids. I always gave them Juicy Juice. UNTIL I seen the calorie, sugar & carb difference compared to Diet V8. Not to mention the Vit. A & E in there. I switched and they have no idea. Okay I even had a glass and it was good. Try it, or at least bring this to the attention of parents you know. FYI: I pulled label info and this info is accurate.


wymzie said...

Good info!
I think juice is one of the things that has contributed to our childhood obesity issues.
I don't by any beverages other than coffee, herbal tea bags, red wine, and tequila. The only other option in my house is water.
My husband buys beer. So until they are 21 my kids are stuck with H2O or coffee & tea.
Milk is for cereal and recipes...they get over it.

Can I link your blog to mine? I really like your site!


Average Girl In Average World said...

Sure you can link me, I will link you too.

The Juice debate should really be considered by everyone. Most people only pay attention to labels on food, not drinks.