Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Mumbles......

Man. Weird dreams... This medicine says it may make you have vivid dreams. After 3 weeks of taking it, they finally kick in. First dream: it was my other brother involved in the accident, but he started walking. Second dream: I could not get my new flowers in the ground - it was like concrete. Third dream: my hubby died in his sleep, all I kept saying in my dream was "I am a 25 year old widow"... WEIRD I TELL YA. WEIRD.

Almost done school. I have 3 more classes and 2 more exams. Yes, I am looking forward to being complete and moving forward. Scared? Yes. But that's okay.

The post with my daughter's poem from school is coming later this afternoon, I have to go get it on my lunch break. I have dial up at home and most times it will not let me post pictures with my blogs, so I have to do it from work.

Speaking of my daughter I found out that she has not been as good as she says she has been while in school. I email her teacher at least 2 times a week, and she never mentioned to me that Miss P. has a talking issue. Or diareah of the mouth as we call it. She has been getting her name on the board almost everyday and has been moved twice - all for talking. Once the teacher informed me (last week) Miss P. , her father and me sat down and had a discussion about proper behavior in school and how we are there to learn, not talk. Couldn't really punish her because it was after the fact. But......last night on the way home I asked her if she got her name on the board and she got silent. So I knew the answer before she could get anything out of her mouth. She had to clean all the toys out of her room and move them to the play room. Now, she has a substitute the rest of this week, I told her if I get a good report at the end of the week with no more names on the board then she could move her things back in her room. That about killed her. No Skating, no Nintendo DS, no Barbies, no coloring, no movies, no nothing but writing pads, and reading books. I can't take education away. So we will see how this week goes.

My brother comes home in a week. If anyone is familiar or from this area on June 7th starting at Noon, there is going to be a benefit for him at "The House" in Laurel, DE. 10 bands will be present, 93 cent drafts, 50/50 raffle. This event will run from noon til 1 a.m. Cover charge is $10.00 and all those proceeds go towards his medical bills (they are over $500,000.00). My oldest brother and his band "Another Vicious Cycle" have coordinated the event. (You can Google them to get a gist of their music).


Michael Swartz said...

10 bands in 13 hours? Outstanding. Color me there.

It's good to see AVC step up to the plate, they're a good up-and-coming group.

Average Girl In Average World said...

You know them? A female fronted band and they kick butt.

I will be working the door, along with my parents, so when you come, please introduce yourself to me.