Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gas Experiment

With gas averaging $4.07 a gallon for regular - in my area, I decided to experiment. Normal driving for me is 5-10 mph OVER the limit - except in Town. Lead foot.... anyways.....I live in the land of a fairly new grocery getter with a 12 gallon gas tank.

This was the experiment:

When tank on empty - fill with $50.00 which will get me just over 3/4 tank.

For 1 week - drive the POSTED speed limit, and see how many days I can go without having to fill up. Normal driving - no extra trips, just to Daycare, work, grocery store and home again.

Week 2 - drive the speed limit I want, normal driving again, daycare, work, grocery store and home again.


Week 1 - I drove 7 days on $50.00. By the 7th day, my gas light was getting ready to come on - but I had made it.

Week 2 - I drove 5 days on $50.00.


Let's just say - the grocery getter will be obeying the speed limit.

EDITED TO ADD******* This was an "informal" experiment


Anonymous said...

I just started a similar experiment this week except I'm using the odometer.

I'll let you know how it works out.


Average Girl In Average World said...

Good Luck...RUS

Surfergrrl said...

it's painful just how much everything had gone up. :(

Average Girl In Average World said...

surfergrrl - feel the burn. sad part is that it will get worse before it gets better :( boo...

That's Elbert With An "E" said...

I've got a friend that lives off of Old Furnace Road and drives to Salisbury for work. He noticed an improvement in his mileage when he stuck to the speed limit. I've not experimented like you or he did, but I have thought about it. Honestly, I live one mile from my full time job, so I'd get some weird results, I think.

rouletta said...

Thought about one of them there experiments myself, refrained for two reasons:
1. I lack the self discipline to consistently obey the speed limit....okay, okay ANY limits!
2. I commute right through the City of Harrisburg and I'd be liable to get runned plum dumb over if I drove the spped limit. Hells Bells, I come close to getting runned over when I exceed by 5 to 10, I don't even want to fathom, LOL.

rouletta said...

Oh shit, can't spell spped limit?? What the hell?'s late and I am tired!