Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Interesting Tidbits

Saturday was the Benefit for my brother. The turn out was wonderful. A total of 9 bands donated their time in 103 degree weather. I got to see some OLD, OLD friends, like ones I have not seen in 10-15 years!!! My brother was not able to be present because he has been back in the hospital for the last 2 weeks for more surgery. We were all afraid that "That Girl" would try to come, but she didn't. Instead she text messaged my brother saying she was going to tell everyone she knew that the benefit was a fraud (yes, even after the police told her to stop she still texts him 20-30 times a day and he is keeping them for the trial) . You can't fraud $600,000 in medical bills. BI-POLAR ANYONE????????? NEED MEDICATION ANYONE???????? Hi, let me introduce you to my Slap a Bitch arm, and I haven't slapped me a bitch in a long time.........Let me stop.

Who has veggie garden secrets or advice? I can grow flowers, bushes, ect.... but I want to learn how to can veggies. Old school I know, but with one can of veggies costing $1.19 - they have lost their mind. I decided HUGE veggie garden next year. You can - can almost anything, squash, zucchini, homemade pickles, string beans, corn, beets, peas, tomatoes, the list goes on and on. Besides getting past the initial investment of canning jars, canning pot and misc supplies, it is very low cost compared to having to purchase the veggies all year - AND I know what is being put on them, low pesticides, ect....

My weight loss had have picked up more weight training and not focused so much on my food intake - which is causing me to not get the results I am looking for. Lean, lean muscle building machine...hahaha.... By no means do I want to look like a body builder, just lean and fit with some muscle definition.

"Schools out for summer" A couple of you know what song I am talking about. Have you ever heard and adult woman say she is jealous of her 6 year old daughter? SHE IS TAN ALREADY. Not by having sunburn fade b/c I had massive sunburn as a child and I drench my kids in sunblock, but as soon as my daughter walks outside - she turns brown. Like her Dad----makes me sick. I am WHITE. My ass could blind you. Tanning beds should be outlawed (skin cancer)There is this bank I go where a really nice lady about 70 years old works and she still tans, but her skin looks like a LEATHER chair. NOT ATTRACTIVE AT ALL.

Well, enjoy the nice weather.....


ShoreThings said...

Check out a book called Square Foot Gardening. You don't need a huge garden to have vegetables for your family. If you prepare the space this fall, you will be ahead of the game when planting time comes.

Average Girl In Average World said...

Thanks Shorethings.

ShoreThings said...

Also, check out for plants and supplies. There is a group for Sussex County and another for the Salisbury Area.

Anonymous said...

This is in reference to the first paragraph!! Women with an attitude!!! (and i thought i was the only one)Love it!!!! Hee Hee!


Two Date Diva said...

Congrats on the benefit for your brother! Too bad about Crazy Chick though. However, Bitchy Breanna's got your back if you want to put your arm to use. ;)

Average Girl In Average World said...

Diva - ROFLMAO!!!!

theneatos said...

I am super stoked that the benefit turned out well for your brother ... and appalled that the crazy girl won't just stay away. She needs to run into someone with hot cheese sauce and a hacksaw in a dark alley ... grrr

Average Girl In Average World said...

theneatos - I hope that person she runs into is me :)

never thought of the hot cheese sauce...too funny

wymzie said...

hey Girl,

Did you get your Big Blue Book of canning yet?

I'm doing my own variation of square foot gardening. Really small spaces lots of food, very little weeds.

Don't forget to hit the yards sales and auctions for the jars and pots
they are always there!


Average Girl In Average World said...

wymzie -

I have not got the book yet.

Also I have been reading about small space gardening - but.....we have a huge 1 acre plot between my home and mom's home.

This is going to sound bad but I have already got my daughter and son ADDICTED to yard sales. My hubby is quite upset that his SON yells "Look mom, yard sale, can we stop?"
So I have been looking for them and I have seen some pots - just not sure if they are right. I guess I really need to get that book!!!!