Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Would You Like to Sleep Around Dog Feces?

Hi everyone - say Hello to Peaches, my doggy. We got her 3 years ago. She is a mixed Lab and something else. Great dog, loveable, can do tricks and very much HOUSE TRAINED.

A local family in Claymont, DE just had their home condemned and their children taken away from them because of filth. The homeowners originally called the police to report a peeping tom, but got themselves in trouble.

The state claims there was trash, insects and dog feces everywhere. The couples children were laying on the sofa surrounded by trash when the Police entered the home.

The couple maintains their story of them having financial hard times and that's why the house was so filthy.

WOW, double WOW.

Please explain to me how someone can live with dog shit everywhere? Can not for the life of me wrap my head around it. How hard is it to take the trash out? Wash some dishes maybe? Pick up the dog shit with a paper towel and mop the floor? Wash the toilet bowl out? No neat freak required, just some basic up bringing.

The Dept. of Social Services will not remove a child from a messy home. They removed all their kids and turned them over to a family member. The home had to be filthy. The mother claims the dog shit was not from her dog, but yet they had lived there for years?!?!?!?! Oh, it was there when you moved in all that time ago and you have NEVER cleaned the effing floors?

They deserve to lose their kids in this situation. Just think of all the bacteria in that home. The dog has obviously been shitting and pissing all over the house for years, the kids are walking barefoot through it, parents probably never made them bathe, so feces is all over the bottom of their feet, then in the bed when they lay down, then on the sofa when they sit there, under their fingernails when they itch their feet, then in their mouths...NASTY. I can cope with a lot of things and understand it's hard to be Mrs. Cleaver or Martha Stewart, but dog shit is one thing that is unacceptable. PERIOD.

If Peaches shit or pissed in my house, lets just say it is not something you can hide or walk around, you need a steam cleaner - IMMEDIATELY. Simple training fixes those issues.

Sorry for using dog shit repetitively, but it irks me BAD.


Amphritrite said...

Firstly, LOVE the new blog look. It's gorgeous, dahlink. I usually read you over GReader, so I forget to come and look here!'re absolutely right. I have been poorer than poor (to the point I had to borrow from relatives, which I NEVER do, just to feed my kitties), and you'd best be darn sure that my house was clean. Sure, cluttered, yes, but it was -clean-.

Average Girl In Average World said...


I missed you!!!! hugs

I lost you!!! But now I can find you:)

There is a difference between messy & dirty. These people had to be filthy, had to be.

Anonymous said...

Kids on the couch...let me guess...watching tv, which i guess they can still afford?

Average Girl In Average World said...

Anon - goes to show where some people's priorities are...

wymzie said...

I hope the Doc checks them for worms

Average Girl In Average World said...

i didn't even think of that...ewww....

wymzie said...

You know I got to thinking about this and while it is a horrible situation, and the parents are an abomination...Filth is not a crime.

The kids probably have a very high immune system, and iron guts. I think that if the kids are being molested or tortured yes they need to be taken away, but this is the environment in which they are familiar; as disgusting as that may be.
I agree that you don't have to be rich to be clean. What a gallon of bleach is a buck and can last months, but I have been in the homes of 'foster' parents and I can't say that it is all that impressive. I know I know there are a lot of good foster parents out there but honestly they are few and far between and unfortunately most are in it for the money and the kids don't get shit.
One of the phenomenons of the human species is that it is more comfortable in a familiar environment than an unfamiliar one.
While the kids may be in a cleaner house now, I guarantee they miss their parents no matter how dirty they are.
I think we as a society need to be more involved one on one with people and build relationships. Relationships are the only way to bring about true change in a persons life. If we had a neighbor like that I would befriend them and build a relationship, invite them to my house and share how we live and offer to help them with theirs. This would not happen over night, but over the course of a time strengthened friendship.
A government agency will never be able to do this, and I have know enough kids that grew up in the foster care system to know how FUCKED up they become once they go through several families.

That's all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

I think no matter how bad they are you shouldn't go posting their business all over the internet. Maybe instead of judging them you could try to help them. Help them clean up and get their act together. If that doesn't work there is no need to go discussing it like this. Are you poor? Do you have any idea how it feels to be worried if you will lose your house? & I'm not condoning it but dog pee has amonia in it... yeah its gross but if you had to you could literally drink it to survive...