Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daily Recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

3 - medium zucchini's
3 cup - shredded moz. cheese
1 - sm. jar Spag. Sauce - your choice
Salt, pepper, season to taste

Take zucchini and slice long ways in thin strips. Place on cookie sheet, drizzle EVO (extra virgin olive oil) and season. Cook on 375 about 15 minutes. Once done leave oven on, spray 8x8 or 9x9 casserole dish with Pam or other non-stick spray. Now the fun part - layer sauce, zucchini and cheese until you get to top or run out of zucchini. Top with a load of cheese. Leave uncovered, put back in hot oven until top is golden brown - about 25 minutes.

The fun thing about this recipe is it can be an appetizer on crackers or baguette, or side dish, or main course.


Anonymous said...


I wanted to let you know that I modified your recipe a bit, and it was a BIG hit! I added raw baby carrots, green onions, & garlic cloves, along with the zucchini & fresh herbs and processed them a bit in the food processer, added low-fat ricotta and 2 eggs and layered it all together. Baked it until hot, but not overly long so that it became watery. It was FAB!! I froze half of it and we had it again last night and it was still great.

I enjoy your blog, even though I am twice your age and live on the West Coast (specifically Oregon). More recipes please! I am housebound taking care of an invalid and run out of ideas! Congrats on your weight loss!