Thursday, July 24, 2008

Details of My Birfday

I worked all day, which was OK. Mamma's got to make that dollar. I get home, hubby still working late. See, I told him all I wanted was dinner and cake. Well, he had not mentioned dinner at all to me, so when I got home even though I had taken nothing out of the freezer for dinner - my lovely Daughter suggests we have breakfast for dinner. What a fabulous idea. So I make scrapple, eggs over easy, toast and orange juice. Just as it gets done, I put a plate in the microwave for hubby. Soon as I shut the door - he walks in the door. Pull the plate back out. Sit down and eat - which it was very satisfying by the way....

We finish and my daughter runs in the utility room,m comes running back at me with a gift bag yelling "Moooommmmy, we got you a present". I was shocked. So I opened the 15 cards!!! lol.... then open the present. I got a Citizen, Eco-Drive watch from Littman Jewelers!!!!!! Complete with a Mother Of Pearl face. If you are not familiar with these watches, they never need a battery or to be wound up - they run off the Sun. Now they are by no means a Rolex or Tiffany's but it is STILL A DAMN NICE WATCH. Unfortunately it needs 2 links taken out of it so it will fit properly, and he is taking care of that today.

So after I try the watch on, I say "OK, where's the cake"? For some reason I get this wrinkled, pretzel twisted face looking back at me. "HUH"? "Cake"? Then he looks up horrified "OMFG----WE HAVE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE HAVEN'T WE"? I say "Why yes babe, how would you feel if your lovely mother did not bring your prized German chocolate cake every year to you"? He suggested we wait and see if his Mom brought it over (she was on her way). Of course - MIL comes through for me. I shoveled 2 pieces of cake and 2 servings of Ice cream in my face. YUMMMMYY!!!!!

Then I start to develop a MASSIVE headache and felt like I was coming down from a major buzz. HAD.TO.LAY.DOWN.

8:25 p.m. I am sleeping like a baby. No mandatory birthday nookie, just a simple leave me the hell alone and let me sleep. I woke sometime last night to no covers, naked and sweating like I belonged in a jungle - head throbbing. So this morning when the alarm went off it got threw across the room, I cussed hubby out for buying an alarm clock that was sooo loud (it really isn't I just felt that way) and laid there feeling like I could throw up any minute.

I got my shit together and made it to the shower and got dressed, did absolutely nothing with my hair and no makeup and headed out the door with my two hellion's who were already arguing - which I put a quick stop to. Here I am feeling like poop, looking like poop and feeling like the birfday cake could come back up any minute. Thank goodness for Dayquil cold & flu.