Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Ramblings....

1. Checked the trusty old puter last night when I got home. It was not as bad as hubby explained to me. I was thinking the puter was completely broke - as in can't even turn it on. It did allow me to turn it on, and look at any file/picture ect.. I wanted, but no Internet access. Which means no breaks for Mommy this weekend. I usually surf the net when the kids have their "quiet time".

2. My brother moved his thigh muscle! He can flex the muscle in both legs and move one leg side to side about an inch or so. If I have told you this already I am sorry, but we are ECSTATIC! He could have got up and walked and I wouldn't have been more happy. When you go from NOTHING, NO MOVEMENT for 6 months, to flexing a thigh muscle - I cried in the car. I had a happy. That bitch has a new boyfriend/victim - same thing. So watch out single men, she is looking.

3. The Son has not put his hands on the wee-wee since the other night!!! Another one bites the dust...

4. Fucking Beetles have tried to take over my Crepe Myrtle and my cucumber plants. Bastards... I have resorted to spraying Ortho Max. Guess I can't claim to be organic now. Oh well. All that hard work and money is not going down the drain.

5. I will miss you all this weekend :(