Monday, July 7, 2008

How Was Your Holiday Weekend?

I hope it was wonderful. I hope you got drunk and enjoyed the fireworks!!!!

We went a camping with all 4 of us, my MIL, SIL her boyfriend and 2 kids- yee haw ya'll !!!!!

No it wasn't THAT bad. There were 9 people cramped in a camper trailer (with a huge addition built onto it). The experience was better then expected. The four kids that were there (2 - mine, other 2 were cousins) stayed up to the rec hall most of the time, or were outside spraying each other down with their new super soakers.

What did we do?
Got Drunk - more than once
Crabbing - hubby got his finger pinched, and we got a ticket warning from DNR - no female crabs this year people.
Swimming in the ocean - complete with water snakes
Visited the local carnival
Eat, Eat, Eat, you see where this is going
Walked trails
Had to repair my grocery getter - the rain filled up in my head lights and caused BOTH bulbs to blow. Freak accident, but will never happen again - we drilled small holes in the bottom of the head lights.

We spent a total of $120.00 for 3 days. $50.00 was for gas the rest was spent on food and video games.

One thing I noticed......when you get a group of people together there is always someone who is a lazy bitch. No names but a man that come with another family member did absolutely nothing, NOTHING. Just sat in a chair outside, didn't talk to anyone but thought it was ok to tell my daughter to "keep her little mouth out of it".... He almost got a right from her Daddy. So as we were all crabbing our asses off, you know getting filthy, stinking dirty, walking out in 4 foot of muck and mud and even the kids working their butts off - and he is going to sit his lazy ass in a chair and go to sleep. I was praying he would try to stick his hand in the crab pot when we got home to eat them crabs - -- I would have smacked his fingers and told him about himself - you no help - you get no crab!!! Think I wouldn't? I asked my Mother in Law if that was Ok first and she told me go for it - I tell you it's nice to know your MIL has your back :) But...we didn't get enough crabs to bring home and eat. so boo :(

On the journey back home yesterday, we were about 1/2 mile from our house and all of a sudden it started pouring sooo hard you could not see 10 feet in front of you. So I only had the key to a door that we don't use that much on the house - so I was running around the yard splashing water up to my butt trying to get in the house. Finally got in and basically collapsed a little while later.

I could rip my calf muscles off and beat that lazy ass man with them :) They hurt so bad from all the walking - and I only had flip flops on so it's my own fault. Hey at least I had some kind of shoes on. Now I just have to get back in Normal mode...eewwww...........................

Oh----I could not get the drink I promised "Rickstasy" made - the one place we went for dinner did not carry Bailey's. So no picture for you, but I will get one soon.


theneatos said...

Yay camping!

I am soooooooo glad you had a good time camping. And ... I feel ya on the lazy bastard. I mean, hello ... it was your first time camping and it sounds like you did a hell of a lot more. Our camping did not have a lazy ass, ours had a whiny ass ... who reads my blog religiously so ... I did not mention them! lol!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Whiny ass huh? I wished we had a whiny ass. Lazy asses just piss me off :(

Average Girl In Average World said...
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Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! I have a family member that did the same thing, it wasnt pretty! LOL! Where did you go camping?

Average Girl In Average World said...

A little hole in the wall at the end of the earth - Sandy Hill Campground.