Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok I admit it, I am a MILF. A 26 year old MILF. That word sucks. It even sounds dirty.

(washes her mouth out with soap)

Even on a day like today, looking all sad, head hurting and wanting to rip the face off anyone who even thinks about looking at me. I still get whistled at.

Now I am tooting my own horn here, high school, I was a hot mess. The boys loved me only because they thought I might put out (ok, maybe I did some, but not as many rumored) Since I have pushed my 2 lovely monsters out, I have put on some *cough" lots of weight, and since recently losing it, I am feeling pretty hot again. But not today, please leave me, greasy unwashed hair and all ALONE.

Tomorrow may be different *wink,wink* but not today people. Besides I just got news my computer at home got hit last night by the storm we had. Yes my puter was shut down - it came through the phone line - "it had to ground somewhere" the technical told me. You know my response? "Well you suck and so does comcast for not getting high speed to me so boo"

4 years of pictures - basically my son's whole life is on there. But not to worry, I WILL get my DOCS/PICS/PORNO back (just kidding about the porn).

Another day in the neighborhood.


Brittany said...

The porn is gone? That sucks!

Average Girl In Average World said...

Thanks for stopping by!!! I only hope to as witty as you one day, my hero.....and she sighs heavily.