Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Must Be a Good Hair Day

If we ever get the chance to meet - Don't.Ever.Touch.My.Hair.

Pet Peeve doesn't even describe it. When I was little my hair was almost white and was down to my butt. A nappy but stick straight, unruly, ignorant mess. You could brush it and 2 seconds later looked like a rats nest. Do you know how many times I got cracked in the head with a paddle brush? "Sit still, stop pulling, it doesn't hurt...." BULL FUCKING SHIT! IT HURTS!!! Eventually I got control over my hair, control was about it, it took me til recently to really get it right - thanks Mama Mel (if your visiting)!!

Back to my thought - anyways, people have this "THING" with touching my hair. DON'T. In school, it got pulled, become a gum depository or a spit drop off. So since then I just don't like people touching it. Not even hubby, my daughter asks if she can brush my hair - ummm.....NO. But today - 3 PEOPLE TRIED TO FONDLE MY HAIR. 2 people in the convenient store - whom I did not know, then my hubby this morning, who know s better - and makes fun of me for it.

Like I said, it must be a good hair day!!!


Amphritrite said...

Dear Ma,

I wouldn't be leaning, squirming and wincing if you weren't pulling my hair out by its roots.


Two Date Diva said...

OMG! You too? I am extremely tender headed, so much so that I used to tear up brushing my hair out when it was wet. My mom used to get frustrated with me for it. When I started dating, boys would want to "pet" my hair. WTF?!?!?

Average Girl In Average World said...

Men like to "pet" hair - like a dog for some reason. I think they are afraid to run their fingers through it - or think they might lose a finger?!?!? I don't kow but I have noticed that too. It's creepy.