Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What? When Did This Happen?

Today my peeps is my birfday. I am all of 26. Over the hump. Officially closer to 30 than 20.

I am at work, racking my brain as to what awaits me when I get home. I took nothing out for dinner in hopes of getting a meal prepared for me at a local restaurant. Cake, I want it. Dieting is all good, but I gots to have some cake on my birfday. One year, my hubby thought it would be OK to fore go a cake----bad move. Even though I am past the tween years or OK even the toddler years I still want a cake on my birfday.

No gifts on my list this year. Everyone is feeling the pinch of the economy, so I meant it when I said "no gifts, just dinner and cake".

So....Happy Birfday Average Girl.


Brian Shields said...

Happy Berfday!

I hear ya. I just hit 28 two weeks ago. I was officially the age I cut off at when I was single. it was slightly depressing, and hugely motivating.

Two Date Diva said...

Happy B-day! Hope you enjoyed it!

rouletta said...

ohhhhh you poor baby, and I mean that quite literally. some of us are pushin' 40 young'un! 8 months, oh but you do make me feel old, LOL.