Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

500th Blogtations Party

Blogtations is having a 500th party!

Go visit you will love it! Maybe even become an addict.

You have to post your favorite quote from their blog and then link to the blogger who originally posted it, then sign up on Blogtations site to participate.

My favorite quote::::

Why do I have a butter knife in my hand? Hmm, it has mayo on it, I must have been making a sandwich. But wait, why am I standing in the bathroom? Wait, I don't even have any lunch meat. And, where are my pants?
I haven't slept much lately. Is it obvious?

This quote has come from none other than Brittany over at

Brittany is one of the funniest, most honest bloggers I know.

So go visit Brittany, go visit Blogtations, and I encourage you to participate in the fun!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Baby On Her Way To 1st Grade!!!

I love her!!!

Too Cute!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to The Daily Grind

Okay People's...I'm back.

I want to thank all of you for the well wishes for the vacation, and for commenting on the horde of posts I left before hand.

Not as exhausted as I thought I would be.
Not as much crap piled up when I returned to work this morning.

School started this morning for my girl. Going to 1st grade!! Life is good for her, new clothes, new haircut, new book bag, new teacher, new friends........she was all excited standing out there waiting for the bus with her friends. "Okay Mom, you can stop taking my picture" so I walked away for a minute.....*cried* *sniffle, sniffle*

There are a couple things I want to touch base on:
1. Worst blogger of the year award - as some of you know, Mr. Boston himself came here, read the post (only after being told by a friend) and commented, saying I was lame. Guess what? I have been told worse by better. Who cares, you obviously thought I was lame anyways because you ignored me!!! He even blogged about it. I wouldn't. I would tell no one about that winning that award. And yes, Mr. Boston, I have my own issues as you stated. Was it a struggle to write about my rape? No. I was obviously ready, or I would have not said a thing. My writing style is not perfect (I did not go to college to write, nor am I looking for a book deal by blogging), my people have issues, I write about alot of different subjects, and I am searching for my self here. If people do not like what/how I write - DON'T VISIT. PERIOD. This blog is for me. To have someone/something to hold myself accountable for my actions/goals/ect... Like I said before, blogging is free therapy. I know for a fact though Mr. Boston, you will NEVER ignore another commenter on your site again. As for my other visitors/commenter's, don't worry about me EVER doing that again. I will NEVER comment like that and get rejected and keep commenting, I will just go away. But most of you are soo great, I'll never leave....NEVAH!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA

2. Obama has picked his running mate.....Sen. Biden from Delaware - my home state!!! Way to go!!! Biden is still running for his Senate position in the event Obama does not get the big win. IF, Obama does win the race, Biden will have to be replaced in Senate, in which that person will be appointed by Governor Minner. Biden replacements could be his son Beau Biden, Jack Markell or a few others. This will be interesting. I believe Gov. Minner will appoint his son, Beau Biden to fill his Fathers shoes.

3. Gosh I missed you all!!!! I am glad to be back!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Going On Vacation

I am on vacation all next week, so unfortunately I will not be posting. My computer at home is still broken so I have been using company time to feed my blog addiction. It's all good.

Maybe I can find a computer somewhere, that someone will let me use......

Please don't get mad at me for not resonding to any comments over the next week ;)

Miss ya'll already


Average Girl

Old Pics I Just got Developed

Photo #1 & #2 are the day after I wrecked hubby's Hinda 2 stroke dirtbike - head first into a tree: circa April 2004. Yes, I had the SHORT hair and I was doped up on pain meds. But pic #1 does not do my knee justice - it was BLACK for MONTHS.
Photo # 3 my son at.........4-6 months???? He looked like the Michelin man, just look at those rolls
Photo #4 doing what I do best.....making the kids cry. Just kidding, it was July4th 2005 and the fireworks made him cry.

Something I Stole From Cheaper Than Therapy Jen

I am...too hard on others
I think...people make their own destiny I know...

I can do anything I put my mind and energy to.
I want...peace
I have... the best family.
I wish... for my children to have a long, healthy and happy life.
I hate...liars
I best friend
I fear…something will happen to one of my children
I feel...content
I hear...silence
I smell... my perfume
I search...for peace
I my career will take off
I regret...high school
I family
I care...about everyone
I always... procrastinate.
I am not...going to be like my mother
I Karma
I dance...when I’ve had a few too many
I sing...unbelievably well, but only in the car.
I don't always...shave my legs
I write... what I feel.
I win...2nd place at everything, never 1st place
I lose...self control when I PMS
I never...ignore anyone
I listen... to everything whether it pertains to me or not…..I’m nosey
I can usually be home
I'm scared
I read…psychology textbooks without taking the courses, I am fascinated with understanding people
I forget...something everyday
I just...burped diet pepsi out of my nose and it burnt like crazy. lol
I am happy about...starting vacation in 8 hours!!!

Worst Blogger of the year Award Goes To.......

Mr. Boston.

Thats right, you Mr. Boston. You have repeatedly ignored my comments, suggestions and treat me like I am invisble. So, after next week, you will be deleted from my blogroll. I am on vacation next week, and my computer is still broken, besides, I want to leave up your info so my other readers can go visit you and get ignored also.

I guess you figured out I was married therefor was no good at advice. Excuse me Mr. I am looking for info on how to land a wife. Yeah I know nothing. I dug down and talked about how I was raped as an adolescent - which was relevent because the Russian girl you were dating went through the same thing, and you ignored that also.

So, this is award is for you, enjoy.

P.s. To all my REAL visitors, you all are great and I appreciate ALL the comments I get and I appreciate YOU for taking the time to read my blog. Love, Average Girl

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thousand Word Thursday

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh Please!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.


John Edwards.....bad boy. Even more so that you deny the child.

Can you hear him now explaining this to his wife? Goes something like this:

"Darling, I know you were getting all those cancer treatments, but I was lonely. Working on the road all lonely. All the time. Why couldn't you just post pone the treatments until I was off the campaign trail? I tried to say no, but showed me attention - unlike you. All you do is sleep all day. I NEEDED ATTENTION, SO I GOT IT! DEAL WITH IT!"

Guess what? If it had been me, they would have interviewed him from his casket. I'm going to die anyway, take him with me for the embarrassment.

Oh, was that too harsh????

Bastard. But damn he is handsome.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blogger Etiquette


This is a major pet peeve of mine (one of my many). Even those bloggers who have hundreds of visitors a day, and many commenter's PER BLOG ENTRY, they still acknowledge ALL their commenter's. Why? Because without them, you do not have a blog. PERIOD. So my point is, even if the bigger bloggers can seem to find time to do it, then surely the little one can too. And you know who you are. DON'T FUCKING IGNORE ME ANYMORE.

I try to acknowledge every one who comments on my blog here. If I miss one, I am sorry. But I do not repeatedly ignore a person. See why I have a fucking complex?????

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Rants....

1. I have PMS

2. My body decided it didn't like the antibiotics my Dr. give me, so it got pissed off and made me go home half day yesterday. Nothing like some good 'ole explosive diarear....

3. I lost 1/2 day pay

4. Who are all these kids? And why do they keep calling me Mom?

5. My kitchen is a wreck

6. I need new running shoes, but am unwilling to pay $120.00 for them - where's the damn sale at????

7. On Saturday we have 2 (kid) birthday parties and racing to tend too, happy, happy joy joy.

8. I am bound and determined to make a birdhouse - without smashing my thumb

9. help.......

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


When I was younger I was not very social. There was one friend, and my last best friend, Jessica. We met in 4th grade, right after her grandmother died and she came to my school while her Dad was getting their house built. Her mother went MIA when she was born, so she was raised by her father and his mother. Anywho....I was reminiscing the other day to my hubby about our crazy times. There were 2 things that stuck out in my mind.

1. I spent ALL summer, EVERY summer at her house. Her Dad collected disability I think - so he was home all the time. He stayed in his room and Jessica and I would play outside, ride the mini bike she had, do our hair, ect........But every time I was there he would stay couped up in his bedroom only bothering us every 3 hours. I can hear him now...."Jess, make me some butter and jelly biscuits". You know those 10 rolls in pack, store brand rolls that come with 4 cans attached with the beer plastic thingy? Yeah, those rolls, with butter and grape jelly. HE LOVED THOSE THINGS. I never understood why. But as I was reminiscing, Hubby pointed out that her Dad NEVER COME OUT OF HIS ROOM BECAUSE HE WAS....YOU KNOW......SMOKING REFFER!!!!! (which may have been He had the munchies. Damn just kidding. He was great, he let us drive - with him in the car, took us places, bought us stuff, he loved Jessica to no end, and I felt some love from him too. I was envious of their relationship.

2. Jess decided one day she was going to run away. I was there so I was going with her. Dead of Winter, Ice storm just passed through, we took off on foot. Walked ON the local pond because it was frozen over. Well, we both fell in. Fell through the ice, hit the bottom and bounced back up to the top. I grabbed Jess by the hood of her jacket and we pulled each other to safety - a dock about 15 feet away from us. We walked, freezing to death about 10 more minutes until we reached another friends house. We went in, her Mom took our clothes and give us some clean & dry ones. Called our parents - who were already looking for us. We waited in silence. Scared. I was scared - my Mom has a MEAN SLAP A BITCH ARM. Mom was upset, crying and scared. She didn't hit me that day, but I know she wanted too. I explained that I left because Jess was. That was the first time in my life I seen her Dad cry. Or any grown man for that matter.

We lost touch after 8th grade when she changed schools. I ran into her at a local restaurant some time ago (her Dad was with her), she got married after high school, they had 3 kids together, she seemed happy. I was happy for her. God I miss her........

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Have Made A Goal

I have decided that in 6 weeks i will be running in my first ever 5K run!!!

Woo Hoo......

Now, who is going to be at the finish line with a HUGE beer for me?

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Shout Out To BareFoot Foodie

I found one of the funniest women in blogging and wanted to share her and her recipes. Her name is Musing of a Barefoot Foodie. You can find her here:

There was one recipe I was determined to try. A different take on the orig. corn on the cob. I have shared a picture of my son enjoying it. So.....go check her out, and......try the recipe, it's delicious!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Conversations With the Hubby.

I have been accumulating these for some time......enjoy

AG: Hunny, I was thinking about cutting our sons hair into a Mohawk.
AG: Why? I saw this little boy at the beach, he was the same age and had one. It was soooooo cute and dyed blue.
Hubby: No Mohawk, no blue hair. Why can't you just want normal things for our children?
AG: Their father isn't normal, so why try to fix things now?

Hubby: You know, I was talking to "James" the other day about you.
AG: What have I told you about telling people about our sex life?
Hubby: "James" was telling me how hot he thought you were when he first met you. He told me he was hoping you were my sister so he could hit on you.
AG: Doesn't that make you wonder what kind of friend is he?
Hubby: Oh no, he's cool. But anyways, he said your not the same. And you know, I agreed with him. I told him how most people say I took a completely submissive, young beautiful girl and turned her into a raging bitch.
AG: You actually called me a raging bitch? TO YOUR FRIEND?
Hubby: Not like that. Plus he laughed and pointed at me while saying, now she takes all your money and give orders like a drill Sergeant. I think at one point he may have even called me a bitch.
AG: Good. Bitch. Now give me some money, Momma needs some new shoes.

AG: Why do you insist on leaving all your magazines laying around?
Hubby: At least I read.
AG: Is that the best you got there Mr. Buckmaster with a moped?
Hubby: That's it, I'm going to bed.

(this took place after Hubby put me on flip flop restriction - as in I am not allowed to buy anymore for the rest of the season. For me or our daughter, boo:( )
AG: Hunny, you know, you have reaaalllly great looking feet. No calluses, no bunions, no yellow toenails. Your feet are nice shaped and clean. I think you would look great in some flip flops. maybe even sexy.
Hubby: Look woman, I am 34 years old and I haven't wore flip flops for last 33.5 years and no one can make me now.
AG: Even if I bribe you with some love?
Hubby: I don't know, it depends on if you want me to wear them to bed.
AG: Even better
Hubby: Oh shit, what did I just get myself into. (as he watches me grab my purse and head out the door to buy his flip flops)

Hubby: Are you ever going to wash clothes?
AG: I wash a load everyday, then on weekends I try to catch up.
Hubby: Well, I need work pants.
AG: Didn't you know that last night? You know, that you were going to work this morning?
Hubby: Your a smart ass.
AG: Well babe, you can't complain about things not getting done if you don't help. I have not been fortunate enough to stay home. I have to work 40 hours week like you.
Hubby: Oh no, not like me. I work outside in the heat, or the freezing cold, every weekend, holiday and any other time "the man" says I have to.
AG: Hey Mr. Sensitive, it's not my fault you chose the line of work you did.
Hubby: (looking up) Lord, what could I have possibly done to deserve such a wonderful wife?
AG: Just by being your sweet self, and for being an asshole all those years before you met me!!!