Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to The Daily Grind

Okay People's...I'm back.

I want to thank all of you for the well wishes for the vacation, and for commenting on the horde of posts I left before hand.

Not as exhausted as I thought I would be.
Not as much crap piled up when I returned to work this morning.

School started this morning for my girl. Going to 1st grade!! Life is good for her, new clothes, new haircut, new book bag, new teacher, new friends........she was all excited standing out there waiting for the bus with her friends. "Okay Mom, you can stop taking my picture" so I walked away for a minute.....*cried* *sniffle, sniffle*

There are a couple things I want to touch base on:
1. Worst blogger of the year award - as some of you know, Mr. Boston himself came here, read the post (only after being told by a friend) and commented, saying I was lame. Guess what? I have been told worse by better. Who cares, you obviously thought I was lame anyways because you ignored me!!! He even blogged about it. I wouldn't. I would tell no one about that winning that award. And yes, Mr. Boston, I have my own issues as you stated. Was it a struggle to write about my rape? No. I was obviously ready, or I would have not said a thing. My writing style is not perfect (I did not go to college to write, nor am I looking for a book deal by blogging), my people have issues, I write about alot of different subjects, and I am searching for my self here. If people do not like what/how I write - DON'T VISIT. PERIOD. This blog is for me. To have someone/something to hold myself accountable for my actions/goals/ect... Like I said before, blogging is free therapy. I know for a fact though Mr. Boston, you will NEVER ignore another commenter on your site again. As for my other visitors/commenter's, don't worry about me EVER doing that again. I will NEVER comment like that and get rejected and keep commenting, I will just go away. But most of you are soo great, I'll never leave....NEVAH!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA

2. Obama has picked his running mate.....Sen. Biden from Delaware - my home state!!! Way to go!!! Biden is still running for his Senate position in the event Obama does not get the big win. IF, Obama does win the race, Biden will have to be replaced in Senate, in which that person will be appointed by Governor Minner. Biden replacements could be his son Beau Biden, Jack Markell or a few others. This will be interesting. I believe Gov. Minner will appoint his son, Beau Biden to fill his Fathers shoes.

3. Gosh I missed you all!!!! I am glad to be back!!!!!!!!!!!