Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Rants....

1. I have PMS

2. My body decided it didn't like the antibiotics my Dr. give me, so it got pissed off and made me go home half day yesterday. Nothing like some good 'ole explosive diarear....

3. I lost 1/2 day pay

4. Who are all these kids? And why do they keep calling me Mom?

5. My kitchen is a wreck

6. I need new running shoes, but am unwilling to pay $120.00 for them - where's the damn sale at????

7. On Saturday we have 2 (kid) birthday parties and racing to tend too, happy, happy joy joy.

8. I am bound and determined to make a birdhouse - without smashing my thumb

9. help.......


Laura and John said...

I can totally solve two of your problems at once. If you get the kids to hold the nails while you're making your birdhouse, then you won't smash *your* thumb, and the kids will call you something other than mommy. ;o)

Brian Shields said...

I always go to the nike outlet in rehoboth. Usually good selection and some pairs as cheap as $50

Average Girl In Average World said...

@laura & John - ROFLMAO!

@Brian - I thought about the outlets, I just have to get down there.....I despise the summer traffic @ the beach.