Monday, September 29, 2008

Anyone Out There Played Wii??

Can anyone say highly addicted?? I am, I am!!!

My loverly Aunt and Uncle went to a company party and WON A Wii!!! Who just gives away a Wii? Not my boss obviously. They WON A Wii!!! I am still in shock. Being frugal, I could not justify paying $500 for a Wii for my family. Yes, the one you want is $500, you know, the one with extra controllers, other gadgets, 54116623544633 games, and more memory than an average computer. All because you can't buy the $250 one and add on, no, has to be the $500 one. Ok, rant over.......

Anyways, they won. We didn't. BUT.....since they love me....ummm.. I mean my kids soooo much, they let us come and take over their house, and by that I mean, they let us play.

Ever played Wii.........drunk???? I have, I have. Thank god they invented those wrist straps or I would be buying my Aunt & Uncle a new TV. Friday night was the most fun we have had in a looooonnnnnggggg time. it was pouring miserably here, so no racing for us. We went over to my peeps house to play Wii. ALL OF US. Both kids, hubby and I. All of us were Wii virgins. NOT ANYMORE.....

My kids (age 6.5 & 4.5) caught on faster than we did. We played bowling, tennis, golf. Only after we had to pry the controllers from the kids. My shoulder is still sore from playing baseball.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday.....

This is me - 4 years ago, fresh out of bed,with braces (as an adult), kids playing with the camera.
BTW - my shirt reads "All Men Are Idiots....I Married Their King"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hermit Crab....FOUND.....ALIVE

Yuppers, I found him. Yesterday he was crawling across my bedroom floor, just like he belonged there. So I picked him up, scolded him for sneaking out, and placed him gently back into the tank, right next to food and water. He went to town!!! Drinking for about 10 minutes, then eating half the food I put in there. Then he climbed all over every rock, stick and anything else he could to make him feel like king of the crabitat again.

Very cool that we found him.

I haz a happy!!!!

Wanna See Average Girl in 1994???

No, it's not really me. Just my face uploaded on this cool site called .
I tried them all, but 1994 seemed to fit! I.HEART. BIG. HAIR. - seriously. If it was still cool, I would have it teased to the hilt right now. But.... nowadays all the rage is flat irons :(

Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Updates

This was a clean out / re-organize / swap summer for fall clothes / clean up weekend. THANK.GOD.IT'S.OVER.

Good News:

1. All my old jeans - TOO BIG. Went shopping to replace them and guess what??? I lost a whole size!! No more shopping at Lane Bryant! I am longer a plus size. (please don't hate).

2. Found $18.74 in change lost in the sofa, chairs and under stuff

3. Located 4 pair of heels lost in the closet.

Bad News:

1. Still no Hermit Crab

2. When you are a woman and lose weight, the first thing that goes----BOOBIES. So part of my new jean shopping was dedicated to new (smaller) bra shopping. boo :(

3. While shopping for said smaller bra, daughter decides she needs a bra. Who needs a bra at 7 years old? Well, I caved. Walmart had little "sports bra & panty" sets on clearance for $3.00, so I bought 2 for her.


Still not smoking. I am dreaming about it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Have not reached my goal to run a 5k this month. Although I am still running for exercise...


Halloween decorations are up. We put alot of decorations this year due to the fact we are having a birthday party at the house next month and with having little kids, they kinda require decorations or the crying fits start, besides, I was in the mood for it this year!


Monday night funnies are back on CBS tonight!! All new episodes!!! Why am I so crazy over it right now? Well.....I am too frugal to PAY for TV. No satellite, no cable in my house. So we get one channel - CBS 16. Which is OK by all means, we watch little TV, but 2.5 Men, New Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother - SUPER FUNNY SHOWS. I am an addict.


Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Sorry for the late post!

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Found Me How?

Top searches that will lead you to me are:

1. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf
2. Diarear
3. No Bake Oatmeal Cookies
4. Gas Experiment

So...we have determined Bacon wrapped meatloaf is a highly sought after recipe. Come on now, DIAREAR? It wasn't even spelled right - on purpose BTW - it come in at #2!!!!

I have sooo many more recipes that I want to share. Maybe I will pull out the trusty recipe-catch-all-folder and see what I come up with for next week?!?!?!?!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did You Just Fart?

Having some private lady time with my female friends, a topic come up in which I would like YOUR input.

Are there any actions or funky quirks about yourself that you hide from your spouse or significant other? Will you fart in front of them? Burp? Pee? Poop? Shower? Do you eat like a pig and they just don't know it yet?

Or.....are you an open book? Take you as you are kinda person? If you got to fart, by god, do you let it out? If so, what are/were their reactions?

I will be in gone the rest of the day, but boy do I look forward to reading your comments tonight!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where Were You on Sept. 11, 2001?

Sometime around 9 a.m. - the phone rings...

me: hello

hubby: hey....listen....don't freak out.

me: OMG!!! Who died???????

hubby: no one died.......look, I can't talk long, just turn on the TV and stay tuned.

me: O....k.

hubby: OK, I got to get back to work. I will call you at lunch time. Bye

me: love you, bye....


I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and turned the TV on. OMG..... the first tower had been hit.

(I have chicken skin right now typing this)

Once I understood what was happening, the 2nd tower got hit.

I turned the TV off.

Frozen, that's what I was. Fear overcome my body. I was 36 weeks pregnant with our first child. All that kept running through my mind was "Are there more planes? OMFG they are going to hit us (thinking literally hit our house), I am never going to meet my baby. OMFG, those poor people, their families, OMFG, OMFG, OMFG"

Panic Attack mode while pregnant - not good.

When hubby got home we watched the news together. Of course that's all that was on for the next 3 months. We discussed and tried to digest what had happened. Every Sept. 11th since, I cry at least once that day. I cry for those lost, missing, injured, killed, those who lost someone - especially the kids who lost a parent and the parents who lost a child. It makes me sad.

Will we ever know the truth about who, what, when, where, why and how this come about? There are conspiracy theories. The government claims to have told us the truth. But will we really ever know?

Sorry I didn't give a complete recap of the events of 911, but if you are reading this then you know what happened that day. You know what you saw on the TV. You know how you feel about the situation. So tell me, what were you doing that day? How did you find out? How do you feel now?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Changes to Site

Made some changes, playing around a little.

You can follow me on Twitter

You can stalk me too...

I'm down with it. Give me some feedback!

A Thousand Words Thursday

"Chesnuts Roasting on an Open Fire......."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Squirting Milk Out of My Nose

I am not being political here, honest, just humorous. Besides, The 40 Year old Virgin was a favorite movie of mine until it went missing......hhmmmmm......

Deer Season Is Among Us

That time of year is among us....Deer Hunting Season, that is. I wrote about this last year and feel the need to write about AGAIN this year.

Sept. 1 kicked off the beginning of Deer season for bow hunters.

Now not everyone is a bow hunter, but around my neck of the woods...........we hunt. We bow hunt, gun hunt any kind of LEGAL hunting - we are down with it. There are 2 types of hunters: the legal, ethical ones, and the poacher, illegal, only after the antlers kind of hunter. We are the first. Hubby has his license, proper gear, paid hunting dues to the club of his choice, butcher on reserve,ect...... I love venison. Very healthy for you (2 gram of fat per serving!!!), and much cheaper than store bought red meat. We can have a deer butchered for around $70.00, ANY WAY WE WANT IT CUT, sausage, hot sausage, burger, rump roast, tenderloins, thin steaks, whatever your heart desires. Just try getting a freezer full of meat from your local Wal-Mart for $70.00. NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN.

OK, that being said, on to the illegal hunters. You suck! When you pay for a license to hunt, that money goes straight to wildlife conservation and management efforts. When you illegally kill deer and leave the gut bag dumped on the side of the road, you cause a road hazard to the rest of us. Hazard as in, all the flying buzzards with potential to hit cars, not to mention other scavengers, not to mention, someone's pet getting into it, and possibly getting sick from meat that's gone bad. Illegal hunters that just pull off the side of some country road and think they can sneak into someone Else's stand and shoot the wrong way, and hit a child in their backyard playing - SUCK! Also give ethical hunters a bad name.

A good hunter will take the time to do things right. They will not disturb the natural habitat. They will not make bad shots. They will not leave gut bags on the side of the road. They will eat what they kill. They will donate at least one of their kills to charity. yes, there are drop offs where you can take the deer and the state examines them and/or donates the meat to places like the Red Cross, ect....

So please, hunt legally, hunt ethically, hunt responsibly. And PLEASE do not judge all hunters by the actions of a the bad ones.

Happy Hunting!

Monday, September 8, 2008


What in the hell is it?
Does anyone feel like they have a great family and have no issues with them? By family I mean your mom, dad, siblings, ect... NOT your hubby, kids, ect...

As I have written about on here before, I am the black sheep of my family. Or so I thought. I have been trying to pull away from them slowly, but I keep getting sucked back in. That sucks.

Not this time though. I have done everything I can to support my parents by being a loving daughter and lending a shoulder, an ear, only to get pissed on....again. I have tried to be the loyal sister to stand by her injured brother in a terrible time. Only to get pissed on...again. I am fucking done people. By done, I mean, done with the emotional and verbal abuse. I am done with being the outsider. I am done with all of them completely dismissing my parenting requests pertaining to my own children. I am done with the constant complaints, but never doing anything to change the situation. I am done with the lying. I am done with the covering up. I am done with the scheming. I am D.O.N.E.

Hardcore like a sex tape I know. But, it is what it is. No sugar on top. This is raw emotion. This is why I call my blog therapy. Tis the only way to save my own sanity. As my hubby says "This is out little world over here, here you are safe"

All contact has been shut down, all numbers have been deleted and blocked, all Myspace profiles have been deleted and blocked, no trespassing signs are in place and I already had to tell one person they will get a restraining order against them if they don't stop...Yeah, it's that bad.

No I am not a drama queen, I hate drama, that's why I am doing what I am doing. My kids don't need this shit. I can compare it to breaking the cycle of child abuse. In a way it is child abuse, against me and my kids.

So please, if you want to comment something encouraging, go for it. I need all the love I can get at this point.

Friday, September 5, 2008

PTO or PTA in Some Areas

Guess who got suckered in the PTO? Me!!! Oh boy.....

Guess who is Vice President of the PTO? Me!!! Oh boy....

Guess who is not excited about it? My daughter!!! Oh well.....

Guess who almost fell through the glass shower door when they found out? Hubby!!!

Guess who surprisingly supports my effort to be involved? Hubby!!! Finally.....

This journey should be interesting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

The Onion Post.


You have an important meeting to attend. You race home, drop kids to hubby, slap some chicken, onions, carrots, ect.. in a pot and throw it in the oven. You wash yourself up, grab your keys and head out the door.

Meeting goes as planned. Everything was nice......or so you thought.

The next morning you get an email. It states:

"hi there, great meeting last night. your speech rocked, everyone loved you. EXCEPT......someone said you smelled like onions"!!!!


So damage control me, emailed everyone and explained the situation. I got lots of laughs....

Now, my question to you is, what is the proper way to rid your hands of the onion smell?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New Found Pet(s) errrrr........

Disclosure: the pictured hermit crab is not ours, it's a stock photo because I have yet to replace my lost camera and my phone will not send pictures for some dumb ass reason...

We have adopted a hermit crab. We, as in my daughter. Ok, I lie.....I love the little thing. I love it so much in fact, I bought 2 more. They are named Malibu, Woody and Fasty. Malibu is shy and likes to stay in his shell, Woody is the biggest one, outgoing, smart, handsome, Fasty is little booger, outgoing also and likes to make a mess in the cage.

Hermit crabs are interesting little crustaceans. They are hypo-allergenic, so no excuse to own one. The are scavengers, so they will eat anything pretty much, wood, fruits, store bought Hermit food, leaves, ect.... No vet required. Just give them a Crabitat that's 70-80 degrees with 70-80% humidity, a bath once a week, plenty of empty shells, fresh water and food and they are good. My crabs have already changed shells 3 times. I have some shells that look like they come from the ocean, then I have others that were hand painted with Spiderman (yes, spiderman), one that's yellow with a butterfly painted on it, one painted Pepsi blue, some with googly eyes (craft eyes) on it. Endless possibilities.

Hubby says I have become more attached to them than the daughter has. He may be right. So I will be pulling the 30 gallon fish tank out of storage tonight, making it all homey and such and relocating the Hermie's to their new home. Lovely!!!

This is NOT An Endorsement

Who is she? Alaska has a Gov.? Her daughter is what? Wait.....Who is she again???

Alaska Gov. Sara Palin has received and accepted the Republican Vice Presidential Nomination. Out of no where, Palin has taken center stage this week in the media, internet and everywhere else unless you live under a rock. I must say very good timing to McCain. He was kind enough to let Obama has his 15 minutes of fame at the DNC for making history, but quickly brought that to a halt the next morning with his announcement of his VP.

No one knows who this woman is. There are reports of her being an Anchorwoman for the local Alaskan news agency in the early 90's. She was a soccer mom. Is relatively new to the Political arena. But still, no one knows who she is. In an effort by the media to discover who she is, they have dug up the fact that her 17 year old, unwed daughter is 5 months pregnant. Palin herself is a new mother, having just given birth 4 months ago. So, just who is she? What does she have to contribute? What HAS she contributed? Oh, did anyone else hear her speech? You can tell she was a soccer coach, she still has the rasp in the voice.

I believe the next couple of months we are going to learn a great deal about this lady.
What are your opinions?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Next Post

I have lots to talk about..

1. Mrs. Palin
2. Mr. McCain
3. The Long Weekend
4. Hermit Crabs
5. PTO (or PTA in some areas)
6. Onions

More to come this week on ......Average Girl. seriously all related posts to follow this week.