Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hermit Crab....FOUND.....ALIVE

Yuppers, I found him. Yesterday he was crawling across my bedroom floor, just like he belonged there. So I picked him up, scolded him for sneaking out, and placed him gently back into the tank, right next to food and water. He went to town!!! Drinking for about 10 minutes, then eating half the food I put in there. Then he climbed all over every rock, stick and anything else he could to make him feel like king of the crabitat again.

Very cool that we found him.

I haz a happy!!!!


Laura said...

glad he knew where home was! they're no fun to find after a week ro so :o(

Brittany said...

Oh man, that could have been a stinky find, so glad he was alive!

Average Girl In Average World said...

@laura - I was afraid the dog eated I was happy she didn't.

@Brittany - me to!

Michael M. said...

I bet he was a bit "crabby" for being w/o food and water for a week. (sorry, couldn't resist!)

M said...

We once had a hermit crab named Dick Cheney. He died.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@M - Classic!!!! Dick Cheney!!! lemme guess...old age got 'em??? hahahahahha