Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our New Found Pet(s) errrrr........

Disclosure: the pictured hermit crab is not ours, it's a stock photo because I have yet to replace my lost camera and my phone will not send pictures for some dumb ass reason...

We have adopted a hermit crab. We, as in my daughter. Ok, I lie.....I love the little thing. I love it so much in fact, I bought 2 more. They are named Malibu, Woody and Fasty. Malibu is shy and likes to stay in his shell, Woody is the biggest one, outgoing, smart, handsome, Fasty is little booger, outgoing also and likes to make a mess in the cage.

Hermit crabs are interesting little crustaceans. They are hypo-allergenic, so no excuse to own one. The are scavengers, so they will eat anything pretty much, wood, fruits, store bought Hermit food, leaves, ect.... No vet required. Just give them a Crabitat that's 70-80 degrees with 70-80% humidity, a bath once a week, plenty of empty shells, fresh water and food and they are good. My crabs have already changed shells 3 times. I have some shells that look like they come from the ocean, then I have others that were hand painted with Spiderman (yes, spiderman), one that's yellow with a butterfly painted on it, one painted Pepsi blue, some with googly eyes (craft eyes) on it. Endless possibilities.

Hubby says I have become more attached to them than the daughter has. He may be right. So I will be pulling the 30 gallon fish tank out of storage tonight, making it all homey and such and relocating the Hermie's to their new home. Lovely!!!


Laura said...

sounds like your crabbies are little fashion kings!