Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Updates

This was a clean out / re-organize / swap summer for fall clothes / clean up weekend. THANK.GOD.IT'S.OVER.

Good News:

1. All my old jeans - TOO BIG. Went shopping to replace them and guess what??? I lost a whole size!! No more shopping at Lane Bryant! I am longer a plus size. (please don't hate).

2. Found $18.74 in change lost in the sofa, chairs and under stuff

3. Located 4 pair of heels lost in the closet.

Bad News:

1. Still no Hermit Crab

2. When you are a woman and lose weight, the first thing that goes----BOOBIES. So part of my new jean shopping was dedicated to new (smaller) bra shopping. boo :(

3. While shopping for said smaller bra, daughter decides she needs a bra. Who needs a bra at 7 years old? Well, I caved. Walmart had little "sports bra & panty" sets on clearance for $3.00, so I bought 2 for her.


Still not smoking. I am dreaming about it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Have not reached my goal to run a 5k this month. Although I am still running for exercise...


Halloween decorations are up. We put alot of decorations this year due to the fact we are having a birthday party at the house next month and with having little kids, they kinda require decorations or the crying fits start, besides, I was in the mood for it this year!


Monday night funnies are back on CBS tonight!! All new episodes!!! Why am I so crazy over it right now? Well.....I am too frugal to PAY for TV. No satellite, no cable in my house. So we get one channel - CBS 16. Which is OK by all means, we watch little TV, but 2.5 Men, New Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother - SUPER FUNNY SHOWS. I am an addict.


Enjoy the rest of your Monday! Sorry for the late post!


Brittany said...

CONGRATS on the weight loss! Nothing is better than having jeans that are too big and finally shopping in them miss area!

Lindsey said...

You found more than $18?? AND got to buy smaller jeans?? I call that a successful weekend!! Go you!!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Brittany - thank you, thank you!!

@Lindsey - It was a VERY sucessful weekend!!!