Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is NOT An Endorsement

Who is she? Alaska has a Gov.? Her daughter is what? Wait.....Who is she again???

Alaska Gov. Sara Palin has received and accepted the Republican Vice Presidential Nomination. Out of no where, Palin has taken center stage this week in the media, internet and everywhere else unless you live under a rock. I must say very good timing to McCain. He was kind enough to let Obama has his 15 minutes of fame at the DNC for making history, but quickly brought that to a halt the next morning with his announcement of his VP.

No one knows who this woman is. There are reports of her being an Anchorwoman for the local Alaskan news agency in the early 90's. She was a soccer mom. Is relatively new to the Political arena. But still, no one knows who she is. In an effort by the media to discover who she is, they have dug up the fact that her 17 year old, unwed daughter is 5 months pregnant. Palin herself is a new mother, having just given birth 4 months ago. So, just who is she? What does she have to contribute? What HAS she contributed? Oh, did anyone else hear her speech? You can tell she was a soccer coach, she still has the rasp in the voice.

I believe the next couple of months we are going to learn a great deal about this lady.
What are your opinions?


Amphritrite said...

Your first paragraph sums it up for me. I don't know her, I don't care about her, and it makes McCain look like he's trying to stay in the spotlight with a little shock-therapy to the conservatives and Hillary-Supporters (gasp! He's got a woman Veep!).

Sorry, it doesn't swing my vote to the Republicans one bit.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Amp - you smelled it also?!?!?!?! Desperation.....

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I think she is probably a great soccer mom. But I do not believe that in any way qualifies her to run our country. She just filed for her passport- meaning not only does she likely know little about life outside of her own state but also little about life outside of the country. She makes Obama look like an old pro. I think a mom can be a President/VP. BUT I think her very stressful personal life (and with a special needs baby and a baby having a baby things might not calm down in her family for YEARS and YEARS) hints that she might not be able to offer the US her full attention. And for the record, I would 100% say the same thing for a man with the same family life! And as a female it makes me cry thinking about her views on my rights as a female.

This whole election sucks!!

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Preppy - great points! I agree the whole election sucks....buty what can we do? Elect the lesser of 2 evils. Only choice we do have.