Friday, October 31, 2008

World Championship Punkin Chunkin

Google it!

Average Girl has a confession.....I am a redneck at heart!

And what do rednecks love? A beer drinking, machine catapulting, punkin busting good time, that's what! Today kicked off the annual Punkin Chunkin contest. Rednecks from all over the WORLD come to showcase their machines and try to win the prize! This will run all weekend with prizes being awarded on Sunday. Also, this year is the first year they are having a Little Miss Punkin Chunkin pageant. Yes, I entered my daughter. How could I not. She looks like barbie in her Bubblegum pink satin gown, and big 80's hair. (we all know how I heart 80's hair)!!

I want to be Barbie - the bitch has everything!

Anyhoo, next week there will be more info posted about what went down and if my baby won. So stay tuned next week. PLEASE WORK WITH ME!!! I am operating without a digital camera and have to get the old trusty disposable developed.....and i promise pics of my daughter's b-day too.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Favor To Ask To The Wooters Family

Since you guys are soo talented and creative in your building efforts. I have a proposition for you:

Yes, this come from LOL Cats

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Daily Recipe: Shake & bake Chicken

Not really a recipe today, more like a tip.

If you ever do shake and bake chicken, marinade or coat in a honey mustard dressing before shaking and baking.....D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Need Your Vote

Please vote on the picture you feel gives the most professional and real feeling. Yes, this is Average Girl. Yes these photos will be used for my business cards and marketing literature. You can leave your vote in the comment section..To make it easy you can put left, Center or Right.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Cute MEME from Katypie @ BooBooVille

Fun fun....copy and paste to your blog! Then... let me know so I can come and read it!!
1. Where is your cell phone? In my van on charge
2. Where is your significant other? Should be home getting a shower to meet me at the school
3. Your hair color? Blonde on top, auburn on bottom – 2 toned
4. Your mother? Not my fav. Person right now
5. Your father? Alcoholic, liar, pathetic
6. Your favorite thing? {at this moment} cool fall weather!
7. Your dream last night? I do not remember…..
8. Your dream/goal? Retire early and enjoy my life
9. The room you're in? Can’t tell you….(work) lol
10. Your hobby? Sewing, reading, being a mom.
11. Your fear? Something happening to one of my kids
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Living in our second home, having several rentals and being successful in my career
13. Where were you last night? Home, arguing,
14. What you’re not? Liar, thief or cheater
15. One of your wish list items? A new camera with all the fancy gadgets!
16. Where you grew up? Delaware
17. The last thing you did? Complete some papers
18. What are you wearing? Black, heeled boots, black slacks, frilly black and turquoise shirt
19. Your TV? Is home and off
20. Your pet? 1 – dog, 2 – hermit crabs, 1-cat
21. Your computer? Dell
22. Your mood? tired
23. Missing someone? Old friends
24. Your car? Ruby colored grocery getter that’s getting ready to get the boot
25. Something you’re not wearing? Underwear!! I never do…NEVAH!!!!! Lol..
26. Favorite store? Peebles
27. Your summer? Was ok, I got tan and worked on my gardening skills.
28. Love someone? Of course! - ditto
29. Your favorite color? Red.
30. When is the last time you laughed? This morning talking about the SNL spoof last night..hehe
31. Last time you cried? Over a month ago when I made some hard decisions.

come on, you know you want to.....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Way Too Much Is Going On

I am overloaded. Overloaded with:

26546156 Birthday parties - if you have kids in school you know what I'm talking about. How do you decline politely?

Work. My computer completely crashed, now I have a new one, but it's acting like a jerkface. I need my puter everyday for pretty much all the work I do.

Home. Since I have all these birthday parties to attend, how can I clean and pay bills and do all the other things Mom's are supposed to do? Ever forgot to pay some bills? Oh yeah, they remind you....with shutting shit off.

Hubby. Stress from all the above is causing me to take it out on him. Boo Average Girl. I know better, I got to stop.

Kids. Fighting over the new Wii. I am ready to take the damn thing and literally bust out the best Kung Fu Panda I can muster to put it out of it's misery.

Dog. Skin allergies? Maybe? IDK. But I do know this, if the Vet keeps telling me it's going to cost $150.00 in meds - that don't fucking work, I am going to key the side of his Corvette. My dog is starting to stink from itching and is uncomfortable. Making me......uncomfortable and broke.

Hubby. Again I am sorry.

Rant over.... proceed to smile :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things I Could Be Blogging About

1. My Daughters birthday party.
2. My Hubby's Birthday.
3. The new vacation property gifted to us by my loverly MIL.
4. Auto bill pay eerrrrr...
6. Test anxiety. See #5.
7. Wall Street
8. Final Presidential Debate.
9. Life Insurance.
10. Whatever my little heart desires...

But....I have bloggers block. It has possessed me for the last week.

Sorry everyone.......

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear Pepsi

Dear Important Pepsi Executives,

I am an addict. I admit it. Although I am not alone, I will admit my addiction. You see, it started very innocently. A Pepsi here, a Pepsi there. Then it become OMGGOTTOHAVEITEVERYFUCKINGDAY.....addiction. What do you guys put in that shit? Crack? I mean, I really considered taking a sample to the local college for some testing of the contents. A blind study, but who am I to take away someone else's crack? I have kids at home and I am too old to be kicking someones ass because they are mad I took their Pepsi away...

Oh Pepsi, how I love you. Your frothy goodness rolling down my throat..... The carbonation fizz buzz I get everytime I crack you open....mmmm..... The taste of your scientifically designed recipe.....The coldness from a can kept at precisely 32 degrees makes me.....To be honest here, it just makes me want to keep on cracking those legal crack cans open.

In an effort to break my addiction, and lose some weight, I have opted for your diet version. Diet Pepsi Max to more specific. Here I was thinking Pepsi was crack! Now I found the real crack. Regular Pepsi is just a front for the good stuff. No matter how bad my morning is going, how sluggish I feel, or how little sleep I got the night before, all I have to do is stop at my local Shore Stop, pick up a bottle of ice cold Diet Pepsi Max, and within 25 minutes, it transforms me into happy, energetic, non-stop Chatty Kathy with the concentration skills of a mad mathematician. I have lost some weight around the middle since I cut the Reg. Pepsi out. I figured I used to drink ATLEAST 8 cans a day. That's 150 calories per serving or 1,200 calories per day, JUST IN SODA. But now I can have all the Diet Pepsi Max I want. I love it and I love you Important Pepsi Executives!


Average Girl

(This blog is dedicated to Brittany over at Barefootfoodie. Go visit her, you will not be disappointed!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Q & A With Average Girl

Being the brave one, I am taking any/all questions you may have regarding Average Girl. What do you wanna know? Just ask in the comment section, and I shall answer, unless it's dirty....who am I kidding, I'll probably answer that away!

Birthdays Are A Coming

The month of October brings along 2 very special birthdays for me.

Sunday, October 12 is my Daughters 7th birthday. 7 YEARS OLD!?!?!? WOW, time is flying. I remember her being so small, when her Dad would hold her, she would fit perfectly between his wrist and his elbow. She never cried as a baby. Potty training took one day (yes, that's the truth). 7 years later she is in 1st grade, talking about bras, racing go-karts like a champ and getting excellent grades in school. So... in honor of her birthday, we are a having a rather large party at my house this weekend. Somewhere around 16 kids, ages 6 months - 10 years old will be in attendance. The theme? Halloween! No costumes allowed, but we are decorating pumpkins. Not cutting, that would be a homeowner insurance nightmare, just decorating. We are traveling to the woods behind out house this week to gather supplies: sticks, acorns, leaves, nuts, pine needles, anything that looks like it could come in handy. I already have some stick on foam shape thingy's, glue, feathers, yada yada...... The cake is shaped like a pumpkin, which the Daughter was actually excited about. So we will see how it goes. Has anyone else noticed how people do not RSVP anymore? They just kinda show up or not??? Oh well...

The next birthday this month belongs to my wonderful hubby. October 16 he will turn 35. That number makes me feel so, so, so, young (I am 26). I am sure his Mother has some baby stories to tell, but I am not his Mother, so I don't know the stories. Oh well... Hubby has been a wonderful husband and father and that's what matters most to me. We have been together for 9 years (yes, do the math, I was 17). We have "Our own little world" as we call it, and it's nice. He works 6+ days a week, just about every weekend and holiday, but not his birthday. In fact, I have even taken the whole day off, which he does not know about yet. Kids will be at school and pre-school, and I will Hubby his birthday present ;)

I love birthdays! Pictures of Daughters party will be posted next week.

Friday, October 3, 2008

After The VP Debate

Nervous much? Palin certainly showed how nervous she was. When Palin entered on the stage and during the first 30 minutes, you could see girlfriend's heartbeat in her neck! Biden on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber. When Biden was speaking or respondig, Palin kept her head down, writing key points, all with a fake smile on her face. Palin didn't even give Biden the simple respect of looking at him. That goes back to the "inexperience" I was talking about before. Biden made sure he kept his head up while Palin was speaking or responding and kept a very comfortable stance the whole 90 minutes. Biden did not have to think really hard, and keep notes because the man has what? 23 years experience, he knows the answers because he has been there!

Palin once again displayed how well she is at talking you into a spiral when it comes to answering questions, especially on foreign policy. Numerous times she completely evaded questions, and Biden called her out on it, which was hilarious as hell. Biden should have. He answered his questions, did the normal bash the other side, then reiterate Obama and his stance on the issue. The only question Palin gave a direct yes or no answer on was "Do you support gay marriage?" After her explaination, she gave a firm "no".

Can you believe Palin had the nerve to talk about single mothers and their struggles, knowing (or not knowing) what Biden has been through losing his wife and child? Himself being a single father? I was appalled at her lack of compassion and it just drove home the fact she is "inexperienced". You have to know your opponent, not just what you think the right answers are.

In my opinion, Biden won this debate. Not only did he win, but he kicked her ass. Good thing there is only one VP debate, Palin could not survive another beat down like that.

Quote of the night by Biden "McCain's health care plan is what I call the ultimate bridge to no where"!


Proceed to comment away!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debate Tonight

I didn't want to be political, but the hell with it...

Please Biden, don't make Sara Palin cry. Having watched most of the interviews Palin has done with different reporters over the last 2 weeks or so, I am scared for her. Scared she is going to embarrass herself. Scared she is going to cry, therefore making all women look like a bunch of pansy asses who can't handle the political arena.

Is Sara Palin prepared for this debate? We know she is being "groomed" as we speak for this debate. All the grooming, training and advisers can not erase the fact she is "inexperienced". And by that I mean inexperienced with interviews/debates or even being called out. Palin could not even give a straight answer on the name of the newspapers she reads. What, Wassilla doesn't have a local paper? She could at least named that one. Hell, on a daily basis I read, The Leader, The Wall Street Journal and multiple online news sources like SBY News, CNN, WBOC, ect... I could go on and on, but Palin couldn't name one. Cat got your tongue?

New media all over keep saying Biden can not pick on Palin tonight, or show boat his experience. Why not?? He has earned it. Palin needs to be treated no different than if she was a man. Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. Don't go "easy" on her. Palin accepted the VP nomination which means she accepted everything that comes along with it.

Just to be fair I shall say this, McCain should not "go easy" on Obama.

There’s no crying in politics.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Talk About Sex

Like that title huh???

Yes, let's talk about sex.....I have some questions, kind of like a survey, let's all be honest, I'll give my answers first to make you feel more comfortable....

1. How often do you and your sig. other have sex?
2. In reference to #1, is that frequency too little, too much, or just right for you?
3. Favorite position?
4. Most hated position?
5.Lights on or off?
6. What is form of erotica do you prefer?
7. Ever experimented with the same sex?
8. Is there anything "special" you do for your partner?
9. Would/have you cheated on your sig. other?
10. How long did it take for you to have your first orgasm's?

My answers:
1. Anywhere from 2-8 times a week.
2. The frequency is alright for me, but too little for my hubby.
3. Me on top
4. Anything requiring a balancing act
5. Lights off
6. Movies, yes...they are ok...
7. NO - I like men.
8. We have sex, that's special enough!!!!
9. No
10. I figured it out fairly early on.

I can't wait to hear your responses!!!!!1