Friday, October 3, 2008

After The VP Debate

Nervous much? Palin certainly showed how nervous she was. When Palin entered on the stage and during the first 30 minutes, you could see girlfriend's heartbeat in her neck! Biden on the other hand was as cool as a cucumber. When Biden was speaking or respondig, Palin kept her head down, writing key points, all with a fake smile on her face. Palin didn't even give Biden the simple respect of looking at him. That goes back to the "inexperience" I was talking about before. Biden made sure he kept his head up while Palin was speaking or responding and kept a very comfortable stance the whole 90 minutes. Biden did not have to think really hard, and keep notes because the man has what? 23 years experience, he knows the answers because he has been there!

Palin once again displayed how well she is at talking you into a spiral when it comes to answering questions, especially on foreign policy. Numerous times she completely evaded questions, and Biden called her out on it, which was hilarious as hell. Biden should have. He answered his questions, did the normal bash the other side, then reiterate Obama and his stance on the issue. The only question Palin gave a direct yes or no answer on was "Do you support gay marriage?" After her explaination, she gave a firm "no".

Can you believe Palin had the nerve to talk about single mothers and their struggles, knowing (or not knowing) what Biden has been through losing his wife and child? Himself being a single father? I was appalled at her lack of compassion and it just drove home the fact she is "inexperienced". You have to know your opponent, not just what you think the right answers are.

In my opinion, Biden won this debate. Not only did he win, but he kicked her ass. Good thing there is only one VP debate, Palin could not survive another beat down like that.

Quote of the night by Biden "McCain's health care plan is what I call the ultimate bridge to no where"!


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Anonymous said...

And Palin seemed for forget, she'll have a single mother living in her house soon.

swampcritter2 said...

I must have been watching a different debate. You know the one where Gwen Ifill was moderating.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Anon - yes she will, and unfortunatly Palin has choosen to be away from her children at this time of need in that family. Ever wonder if thats why she got pregnant to begin with?

@Swampcritter - I hope that is a joke, cause that's exactly what Gwen's moderating was.

Average Girl In Average World said...


Anonymous said...

Were we watchng the same debate? I cannot believe you feel Joe Biden was 'Natural" in this debate! Have you forgotten this professional politician who has been a member of the senate since we were in diapers has been "running" for president sor the last 4 presidential elections!! I am no fan of Sarah Palin, but I have no intention of voting for this phony with his false teeth and hair transplants or the enigma formerly known as "Barry" Obama.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@Anon - False teeth and hair transplants aside, Biden can answer the questions, not give the run around. Biden may have been around since I was in diapers, but that just goes to show his experience. I would rather have an old man sitting there instead of a woman who is so incompetent, the only thing she can throw around is Enery experience? A woman who has proved she can not even answer simple questions without a script because she is not intelligent enough to. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for stopping by and sharing yours!

Sean P. Farley said...

Hi Average -- I'm a newbie to your blog. But...I like!

Name's Sean. hello.

I, too, watched the VP debate. And I, too, believe that Sarah Palin is inexperienced. To have the NERVE to turn to Biden and say, "I respect your 32 years of experience, but I think America is looking for something fresh and new" (or something to that effect)! That's like me walking into Spielberg's office and saying, "I'm pretty sure I can make a better movie than you." Anyway, she's an idiot. I truly believe that Tina Fey is giving to America a truth about Palin: she has no clue what she's doing. As for gay marriage, I'm gay, but I'm not on some bandwagon to make it legal, but Palin could have at least said she sees it in America's future, or some other kind of political explanation. She aliented a LOT of people with that "No."

Anyway...have a good one!