Monday, November 24, 2008

Average Girls Weight Loss Challenge

Ok cyber peeps... Who is gonna participate with me? Here's the Challenge:

1. Submit your "before" picture, with current info and goal info.
2. Check in every week - weigh in's will be on Tuesdays.
3. Every 2 weeks a winner will be selected. This will be based on the person who had put for the most effort in that time frame i.e. - promoting the cause, sharing tips, ect....(can not win back to back) yes, there will be a surprise but it's a secret.
4. There will be an overall winner and that person will get awarded a prize guaranteed to make them squeal. Contest will end on January 27, 2009. Overall winner will be awarded 1/31/2009.

Spread the word, and spread it some more.

Oh yeah.....this contest goes into effect December 2, 2008 (yes, eat your heart out at Thanksgiving - your welcome!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt something was just so right and turned out to be soo wrong? That would have been the Pageant dress for me. BOO :( When I bought that dress, it was a last minute deal due to the fact that my black, velvet, halter, $300.00 gown grew legs and mysteriously walked out of my closet 3 days before the pageant. BOO :( So I had to improvise on a shoestring. I already spent the money on daughters gown, shoes, shaw, our haircuts and our gifts we had to bring, so I was stuck. Having no girlfriends who happen to be the same size as me, I made my way to the local 2nd hand shop. DRESSES GALORE!!! JACKPOT MY FRIENDS!!! (if you have daughters going to prom, winter formals, ect.. look at your local 2nd hand shop before the big name stores) Anywho..... when I tried this gown on, it fit very nicely. Snug, form fitting, but nice. Fast forward 3 days to the day of the pageant. I downed a 2 liter of Pepsi and I was suffering from monthly bloating, my dress looked like it had been painted on. Not in a good way. Not much I could do about, it we did the best we could with what we had to work with. That was downfall #1.

On to Downfall #2. Microphone placement. I held that mic like Barry Manilow singing a love ballid. Straight out, so high it covered my face while I spoke.

Downfall #3. Hair and Makeup. Ok people, to get my hair straight, it takes at least an hour of serum application, blowouts, wide tooth combs, 6 clips and a very expensive straightening iron. I have unruly hair. Always have. So for me to get it straight (a technique I have mastered in the last year) is truly a feat for me. Add in the fact that we had about 95% humidity that day, I was screwed. There were women there with glitter in their hair. GROWN WOMEN. GLITTER. WOW. I left mine down, straight, with the ends curled under, cute I thought. Apparently not enough. On to the makeup.....I like makeup. I spend a lot of money with my Mary Kay rep. every year. But, I also believe makeup should be subtle. Foundation, eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lipstick. No blush, no black eyeshadow, chic and subtle. Well I now know you need to pile it on THICK.

Area of success: My introduction. Perfect. No quivering voice, no "um's" no stuttering, no forgetting. I was told by several women there they could not believe this was my first pageant, also that I oozed confidence and commanded attention when I spoke. My voice was clear and I covered all areas of a great introduction. Name, age, living arrangements, work, family, volunteer time and interests. Was I nervous thinking about it while waiting for my turn? Absolutely. I considered running out of the side door 2 minutes before I got on stage. But once I got on stage, I turned into another person. My hubby stated that he NEVER saw me in that way before EVER. He was proud be my husband that night and happy for me I made it through without making an ass of myself or passing out.

There ended up being 5 women in my division and I placed 3rd runner up, or 4th place. I still got a trophy.

Now on my daughter. Shirley Temple Look Alike (minus the dimples). She froze. Poor thing walked out on stage, started off strong with her name and age and then went blank. The lady running the show, started asking her questions about herself, so that helped. She had 12 girls in her class and placed 3rd runner up or 4th place. She got a trophy also. She cried. What did make her happy was a girlfriend of hers was in the age division right above hers and she won, so she got to celebrate with her friend.

Overall I have to say "We will be back". LOL..... I am working on my issues and my daughter is working on hers. We both placed the same, we both got a trophy and we both had a fantastic time. We primped all day together, doing our nails, hair, makeup, all the girly things girly girls do. It was a great bonding experience for us. Besides that, all the women at the pageant were very supportive, offered advice and took us in like we were a long lost sister. No cattiness, no whining, no bitchassness. We both made some new friends and learned about our self along the way.

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is What My Weekend Will Consist of


Big Girl...AKA....Average Girl has entered herself in the Ms. Delmarva Pageant. Yeah, you read that right. My hubby keeps laughing at me because this particular pageant division is for size 12 and up and i happen to be a size 12. Since a size 12 can not compete with a size0,2,4 or 6 I opted for this class. Of course there are the Miss and the Mrs. categories along with all the child categories. My daughter has been entered in the Little Miss Delmarva pageant, so hopefully the Mother/ Daughter tag team combo will take it all home...muwwwhahahahahha!!!!!!!

If I don't pass out on stage.

I have never done a pageant but decided to do one because seeing the whole atmosphere during the last pageant made me just feel good. It was very inspiring, listening and watching current and former beauty queens talk and mingle and over all just be very supportive of anything and everything the others were doing.

So wish us luck, and these pictures do not do my dress any justice, I had my daughter trying o take them. And the hair picture is one I swiped from the interwebs and I am a Blondie, imagine

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

Monday, November 10, 2008

Your Opinion Matters....

Ok. I need you all to play along here and be as honest as possible.

If you were to (or when you did) purchase a home, in a subdivision or community based atmosphere, what would be the #1 Feature or key item to sell you, and would would be the #1 deal breaker?

Give some feedback my cyberpeeps!!! THANK YOU.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Punkin Chunkin Review

To the First Annual Little Miss Punkin Chunkin Winner!!!!!!!! yes, my baby took the crown home!!!!! We are all so proud of her!

I also included some pics for your enjoyment. To see official results go to they will be posted soon.