Monday, November 24, 2008

Average Girls Weight Loss Challenge

Ok cyber peeps... Who is gonna participate with me? Here's the Challenge:

1. Submit your "before" picture, with current info and goal info.
2. Check in every week - weigh in's will be on Tuesdays.
3. Every 2 weeks a winner will be selected. This will be based on the person who had put for the most effort in that time frame i.e. - promoting the cause, sharing tips, ect....(can not win back to back) yes, there will be a surprise but it's a secret.
4. There will be an overall winner and that person will get awarded a prize guaranteed to make them squeal. Contest will end on January 27, 2009. Overall winner will be awarded 1/31/2009.

Spread the word, and spread it some more.

Oh yeah.....this contest goes into effect December 2, 2008 (yes, eat your heart out at Thanksgiving - your welcome!)


KayakNej said...

I'm in!!!

Oh wait, you had me, right up until you said submit a current pic. My camera is broken...and, I'm....I'm a vampire so no one can take my pic....and well.....

OK, so I've run out of crappy excuses. I suppose there are a couple pics of me somewhere, from within the last month or so. :-)

Two Date Diva said...

I won't be in the challenge, but I'll be the best cheerleader ever!

Stacie said...

good luck! I will cheer alon with two date diva. :D