Monday, November 10, 2008

Your Opinion Matters....

Ok. I need you all to play along here and be as honest as possible.

If you were to (or when you did) purchase a home, in a subdivision or community based atmosphere, what would be the #1 Feature or key item to sell you, and would would be the #1 deal breaker?

Give some feedback my cyberpeeps!!! THANK YOU.


theneatos said...

OOOOOOOOOOooooh Real Estate! When we purchased, we were looking for something that had potential, but was livable immediately. So our thoughts were:

(1) School district
(2) Turnkey

Turn offs:

(1) Neighborhood (like neighbors and how they cared for their yards)
(2) Poor floor plan

Good luck!

litanyofbritt said...

well we just bought a house that was impossible to turn down as it was 1. brand new and 2. less than half the market value. but i was a big fan of the open floor plan and the kitchen island.

a convicted child molester living next door would be a definate deal breaker. and less than three bedrooms would have been a deal breaker too.

my kitchen was only clean because i was getting ready for a housewarming party.

Sass said...

House size, layout, and amount of work needed were always big deals for us.

A deal breaker...smell, creepy neighbors, and a bad gut feeling.

Does that make any sense?

Average Girl In Average World said...

Thank you all for your imput. This was a question asked to me from my work, so I wanted to pick your brains!

Also, ask your friends and family and let me know what they have to say.


Two Date Diva said...

As a single chick with no kids, when I bought my house I looked for a floor plan that I liked and proximity to my office.

These were also my deal breakers. I turned down acouple of homes that had flor plans that I didn't like and I turned down one that was too far across town from my office. Tallahassee traffic sucks and I didn't want to have to fight it every morning.

Laura said...

for me it would be the general atmosphere of the community, I like to spend time with my neighbors so I would look for them to have a similar lifestyle to mine and within the same age group

Brittany said...

Since I have kids and a dog, it would HAVE to have a fenced yard.

Jennifer said...

Now that we have the perfect house (layout, concept, etc.) in a good school district, my #1 seller is the neighbors. I have never lived in a neighborhood where there were neighbors that played out side and in the streets. My kids love all the other kids and the social-ness of the street.

I feel extremely lucky and hope that our next house neighbors up and down the street are just as wonderful.

So, I'd go visit the house you are looking at after school, around dinner time, just before bedtime on a nice day. See if anyone is outside and if anyone will talk to you if you roam around in the front yard looking at the house for sale. Good luck!

Stacie said...

Seller for the subdivision
1) schools
2) size of lots
3) privacy of lots
4) well kept homes surrounding

No sell
1) too many subdivison RULES
2) homes too close to each other
3) no privacy in yard