Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Welcome 2009

I have no big hooray post for you today about the end of the year and the good things that come with being able to start over/fresh/whateveryoucallit. I am going to catch you up on a few tidbits. I have some pictures for you from my Christmas and some others I recently got developed from this Summer.

1. For Christmas, My Dood (the new hip word for hubby - thanks to you know who you are!) he got me, new leather boots, WITH the pointy toe, WITH a pointy heel. Also, a flashlight since I am DEATHLY afraid of the dark and make him stand at the door at night while I take the puppy for his usual 9:30 dump-a-thon. AND....he got me an exercise/yoga mat - in PINK and a Pilate's beginners set with the ball and all sorts of gadgets in PINK. (IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING, YES I ASKED FOR THESE EXERCISE ITEMS, IT WAS NOT A "HINT" FROM THE DOOD)He made me soo happy about the pink exercise equipment, I told him I was going to make the "Entertaining Living Room" an exercise room and he could have the furniture for his man room since it is a shade of green and since he trying to do a camo/hunting/hideous theme in that room it would match very well.LOL.. Oh yeah he also got me the Vera Bradley purse, wallet and checkbook cover in Daisey Daisey I asked for. Last but not least I received 2 CD's, Fergie and Leona Lewis. Yeah, I gots spoiled this year. i think he felt bad for me since I was not celebrating with my family this year, so he went a little overboard. Oh well, it was still nice of him. LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

2. Christmas dinner and gift exchanging from his family took place at my home (see pics above) It went well. Smooth, no arguing, everyone ate and lived another day.

3. I have no resolutions this year. However, I do have life goals from here on out.

4. I would like to say thank you to all my readers, commenter's and lurkers out there who have watched this blog grow (however little) this year. My goals for this blog has changed and I'm OK with that. Although 2009 is gonna rock!

5. We totally sppiled our kids this year. We were fortunate enough to be able to do so, and I shop all year for this day.



Monday, December 29, 2008

I Got Interviewed and I Want To Interview You!!

Annissa Meyhew over at has interviewed me, oh boy. Yeah!! I love this kind of stuff. So here are her questions and my answers, and keep reading to the bottom so you can find out how to get interviewed yourself!!!

Ok, are you ready?

1. If you had to pick a husband from TV, who would you want to be married to?
A: Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. He is so funny. Slapsgiving!!

2. What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?
A: My son drowning. This was a re-occurring theme for about 3 months. It was soo bad I made my daycare mom and my parents put extra locks on their pool gates and reminded them each time I dropped him off there to keep and extra eye on him. Did you see the movie "premonition" It was like that.

3. If you could make up your own sport, what would it be?
A: Drag Racing Polo – nuff said.

4. Where would your dream home be?
A: In the Far, far North – near the northern lights. So beautiful there…

5. If you had to pay a $1 every time you cursed (written OR spoken), how much do you think you'd have to cough up a week?
A: Somewhere around $100. I can’t believe I just typed that number!!!

Don't forget to link back to me and to spread the love to your readers too!"Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying “interview me”
2. I will respond my emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to your questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others ask to be interviewed, you will give them 5 questions.
6. I will only interview the first 5 people who respond!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Excuse Me, What You Just Say???

This weekend was a killer.

Saturday I baked 12 dozen cookies, a carrot cake from scratch and assembled it all in nice little containers for traveling to the Annual Company Christmas Party. Yes. That party. Hubby and I were both looking forward to this party since the group I work with is the best. And even though this is a little too much TMI, I am going to tell you anyway. They are so fun, in fact I have to wear a pad in the event I piss all over myself, which happened on the golf course with this group already so I was prepared for the worst. Anywho....Hubby and I do not go out partying often. Bars are not our kind of place, since Hubby has SAD (social anxiety disorder) and I can't stand a bunch of drunk bitches hoovering over my hubby. So this was a night we were really looking forward to relaxing, drinking, eating and laughing our arses off. All of those happened and I thought I was in the good until the next morning. It was brought to my attention by my eaves dropping husband that our superintendents wife does not think too much of me. You know what I say? FUCK HER. This what happened........As I tried to sit down that night at one point my ankle give out (I was in 4" heels that were brand new and pointy toe, (see picture). Yeah. So it looked like I stumbled. A drunk stumble) My ankle hurt really bad, but I grinned and barred it so we could enjoy the party without me looking like a whiny attention whore. AS SOON AS I SLIPPED, his wife leaned over to the OWNERS wife and said "Looks like someone has had toooooo much to drink" in the snotty ass tone. In which the owners wife said nothing. As I am being told this the day after I got really pissed off. When we get around this group of people I get a natural high, kinda euphoric of me, almost orgasmic, yes I am an extrovert. I have the most respect for my boss and I would NEVER do anything to embarrass him like get drunk and fall down. NEVER. EVER. But somewhere along the drive home I did suggest to Hubby to stop at the office and get busy, but he was not game. So this morning when I walked into the office I had some 'splaining to do. Luckily we are a small company - 6 employees including the owner. I proceeded to tell them that I was NOT drunk and my ankle situation, and I also told the president to inform his wife because I was aware of the comment made to her. I also told the president that I was disappointed that the superintendents wife thought it would be even remotely proper to make snide remarks about an employee AT the company Christmas Party, loud enough for another person to clearly hear and that it just showed her low level of class and lack of Couth. YEAH I WENT THERE.

Sunday was rough. We attended church in the morning. Then went to my Uncles for lunch. Then I made the biggest mistake ever. I went to the mall with 2 kids, by myself to finish some shopping. Three hours later my daughter was crying her fingers were numb because I made her help carry bags. I bought so much shit from Boscov's we should have helped ease the bankruptcy issue (I needed customer pick up). While we were out and shopping in the mall I decided to get my hubby some gifts. I made the kids PROMISE not to tell or Santa would take away one of their presents for every gift they told on.

This morning as I am trying to do my hair, Hubby walks in with this huge, childish grin 0n his face and says "So honey, I got a huge......"

Damn kids.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fa, La, La, La, La, La, La

Here is my lame attempt at taking Family Christmas Photos.

(side note: after these were taken I immediately laid down for 15 HOURS with the flu, thank you honey)
From top to bottom:
1. A scene from our Christmas village that has taken over the WHOLE top of my entertainment center.
2. My babies
3. This is why Leo eats my shoes ( this is our Christmas card pic for next year!)
4. My Son choking Leo
5. My daughter loving her gender confused cat.
6. The Kids and Animals
7. The Family pic. Loverly.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Man

The Flu.....I Haz It.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thousand Words Thursday

Show me them muscles!

Mom, Mommy, Mama, Just Don't Call Me late for Dinner

How many women feel they have lost their identity since having children? How many women feel the relationship with their spouse has changed since having children? How many women feel they are neglecting their marriage since having children? How many women feel guilty because they want to refuse to become consumed and lost in their children? I believe all women struggle with these feelings at some point throughout motherhood. I read many blogs a day about motherhood, some from SAHM and others from working moms such as myself that struggle with the same issues. So let's get personal, but I do not want this post to become a debate about SAHM vs. Working moms. So with that aside, I am going to TRY to articulate my feelings on these subjects and I encourage you to address these questions too, whether by commenting here, posting your own blog about this or just having a conversation with your spouse or friends.

Identity crisis. Have you become so engulfed in your children that you forgot what your own hobbies and interests are? Playing chauffeur and shuttling your child(ren) from school to soccer to play dates, did you forget you love to play tennis or sew? As a mother or father you have to understand that at some point and time, your child(ren) will eventually go on their own and no longer will need you every second. What are you going to do then? Besides go bat-shit crazy from the silence? Have that mid-life crisis? Or are you going to embrace it? If you have maintained your interests and hobbies throughout raising your children, this should be a fairly easy transition. Besides 20 years down the road, lets talk about now. The present. As a mother or father, as a SAHM or a working parent, you need to keep in touch with your own interests, cultivate them, make them a priority. Make you a priority.

Marriage changes. Let's say you are a SAHM or dad and there you are, all day long doing the parent thing while the other spouse or SO is working outside the home. They come home and you have been baby talking all day to your child(ren). Now really think about this next question. Are you carrying over that baby talk to your spouse? Or have you been yearning all day for some adult conversation that you bombard them as soon as they walk in the door? Have you gotten so wrapped up in being a parent that you forget about making sure your SO has their needs taken care of? Make a regular date night for just your SO and you. You don't have to go out, there are things you can do at home to enjoy one another ALONE. Talk, Talk, Talk. Talk about everything from the news, family matters or whatever is holding your interest at that time. One more thing. I know your child(ren) touch you all day, hang on you, require you to hold them, but do not push your SO away at the end of the day. They need you to be available and open to receiving their attention. Have set bedtimes for the child(ren) so there is some down time for your SO and yourself before calling it a night. Remember when your child(ren) are grown and gone, it's just the two of you and that is NOT the time to discover and learn who each of you are, you should already know.

Guilt. As the title of this post says Mom, Mommy, Mama, Just don't call me late for dinner, how about your name? YOU have a name. YOU have an identity other than Mom, Mommy or Mama.
Back to the "empty-nester syndrome". Re-read Identity Crisis. Also, your child(ren) need to see you in another role other than Mom, Mommy or Mama. it helps them understand that you are a person also with interests, feelings, friends and your own sense of self (and those of you with daughters need to really drink this in). Do not feel guilty for taking some time to yourself and that time by yourself could be as simple as going grocery shopping alone, going to your BFF's house for some coffee or just pawning the kids off for a night so you can get some uninterrupted sleep. No one else is looking out for your own well being so you have to. Besides, if you are not 100% or running on empty, how can you give 100% to your child(ren) or SO?

Thank you for your time. I hope you take something away from this post. I also hope I was able to articulate this well enough for it to make some sense.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Parade

This was our crew. I am all the way to the right in the pig tails. The little girl and little boy are mine as well.

We did not win, but we had a great time and I have been officially named the Christmas Float Coordinator for the rest of my time employed here. That is OK with me, I really enjoyed this. Actually this was the first time I was given a huge project like this to take care of beginning to end. I had begged my boss every year for the last 4 Christmas parades to participate and he said no, all but this year. So we were all tickled to make it happen.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tidbits for Your Pleasure..

I almost peed myself looking at these!
Just some updates for you.
1. New puppy - Leo is doing great. Very smart pup. He is 90% house trained - we are using the crate method if anyone is interested. Has a special affliction for Walnuts. Probably because i feed them to him as I am eating them .

2. Finally got some new running shoes. So I have been back on the treadmill.
3. Depressed my weight loss challenge did not have enough participants to even get started. BOO.
4. I missed my 1 year anniversary of the blog.
5. This weekend my work is putting a float in the local Christmas Parade. That I have to be in and my son has to be in (dressed as elves). I made Elf hats and sacks. - will have pics next week.
6. My daughter is going to be in the local Christmas Parade showing off that Crown. I made the signage for her, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR IT. - pics next week also.
7. Thankfully work has picked up so my fear of a layoff has gone down a LITTLE.
8. Hubby and I have been getting along better for some reason. Not so much getting along better, just things are more loving and not so much brother sister banter between us.
9. Almost complete Christmas Shopping, ALMOST.
10. Working on a new look for the blog- if you can recommend a designer - please do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Picture from The Pageant

See my girl! She was awesome. My little boy got ALL the ladies attention there, they were dancing with him, loving on him and he was eating it up. And yes....that's me in the middle. Go ahead make fun of me. lol..but i am proud of the boobs! I didn;t realize they looked that nice. I am impressed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


Just kidding. We had a great time with family, friends and food, oh and a little moonshine to take the edge off. YEAH! We get illegal around my way....

Enjoy the pics:
Pic#1 - Everyone stuffing their face..
Pic#2 - Liquid Apple Pie - MOONSHINE....shhhhhh.....
Pic#3 - My Uncle in motion playing bowling on Wii.
Pic#4 - My MIL and I
Pic#5 - My Hubby and I
Pic#6 - My Aunt and I
Pic #7 - Tom Tom The Turkey