Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - Welcome 2009

I have no big hooray post for you today about the end of the year and the good things that come with being able to start over/fresh/whateveryoucallit. I am going to catch you up on a few tidbits. I have some pictures for you from my Christmas and some others I recently got developed from this Summer.

1. For Christmas, My Dood (the new hip word for hubby - thanks to you know who you are!) he got me, new leather boots, WITH the pointy toe, WITH a pointy heel. Also, a flashlight since I am DEATHLY afraid of the dark and make him stand at the door at night while I take the puppy for his usual 9:30 dump-a-thon. AND....he got me an exercise/yoga mat - in PINK and a Pilate's beginners set with the ball and all sorts of gadgets in PINK. (IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING, YES I ASKED FOR THESE EXERCISE ITEMS, IT WAS NOT A "HINT" FROM THE DOOD)He made me soo happy about the pink exercise equipment, I told him I was going to make the "Entertaining Living Room" an exercise room and he could have the furniture for his man room since it is a shade of green and since he trying to do a camo/hunting/hideous theme in that room it would match very well.LOL.. Oh yeah he also got me the Vera Bradley purse, wallet and checkbook cover in Daisey Daisey I asked for. Last but not least I received 2 CD's, Fergie and Leona Lewis. Yeah, I gots spoiled this year. i think he felt bad for me since I was not celebrating with my family this year, so he went a little overboard. Oh well, it was still nice of him. LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

2. Christmas dinner and gift exchanging from his family took place at my home (see pics above) It went well. Smooth, no arguing, everyone ate and lived another day.

3. I have no resolutions this year. However, I do have life goals from here on out.

4. I would like to say thank you to all my readers, commenter's and lurkers out there who have watched this blog grow (however little) this year. My goals for this blog has changed and I'm OK with that. Although 2009 is gonna rock!

5. We totally sppiled our kids this year. We were fortunate enough to be able to do so, and I shop all year for this day.




Momisodes said...

I just LOVE those first 2 pics! :) SO glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas.

Wishing you and your family all the best for 2009!

Candice said...

Looks like everyone hit the jackpot! Happy 2009!