Friday, December 5, 2008

Tidbits for Your Pleasure..

I almost peed myself looking at these!
Just some updates for you.
1. New puppy - Leo is doing great. Very smart pup. He is 90% house trained - we are using the crate method if anyone is interested. Has a special affliction for Walnuts. Probably because i feed them to him as I am eating them .

2. Finally got some new running shoes. So I have been back on the treadmill.
3. Depressed my weight loss challenge did not have enough participants to even get started. BOO.
4. I missed my 1 year anniversary of the blog.
5. This weekend my work is putting a float in the local Christmas Parade. That I have to be in and my son has to be in (dressed as elves). I made Elf hats and sacks. - will have pics next week.
6. My daughter is going to be in the local Christmas Parade showing off that Crown. I made the signage for her, I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR IT. - pics next week also.
7. Thankfully work has picked up so my fear of a layoff has gone down a LITTLE.
8. Hubby and I have been getting along better for some reason. Not so much getting along better, just things are more loving and not so much brother sister banter between us.
9. Almost complete Christmas Shopping, ALMOST.
10. Working on a new look for the blog- if you can recommend a designer - please do.


Nej said...

I'm doing my own little personal weight loss challenge. I call it "Nej, get your butt in gear and lose some weight, now!"

Not a really catchy title, is it???

Any time I've ever entered into any weight loss challenge, whether it was with girls at work, friends outside of work, or otherwise, I always end up gaining instead of losing.

So, now I'm gun-shy and superstitious, about committing myself to other's challenges. :-) :-)

Laura said...

Great job with the crate training, it's the best thing ever! Double check me, but I think walnuts are really bad for dogs, bad like chocolate. Don't want a sick dog on your hands! Have a great week.

Dee said...

HAHAHA..those totally cracked me up!