Friday, January 30, 2009

A Funny Story Involving Tattoo's And Sissy Babies

I am the sissy baby mentioned above. On my 20th birthday - hubbs agreed to get me a tattoo. We went to a local - yet VERY HIGHLY recommened parlor. We walk in, I tell them what I want, they scan and show me the artwork, I agree, we move to the back room.

Now, as I entered the back room, hubbs was behind me and got stopped by a rather big fellow "Sir, only the patient can enter you have to go to the waiting room" . So hubbs turned around and went to the waiting room - right outside the back room. He said the last thing he heard was "Ok, Average Girl......Drop your pants"

That always sounds good, but not from this guy.

Anywho.... He worked and worked and raked my skin and made me cry and moan in pain. Once the outline was complete I requested a break to get a smoke in.


I walked outside, lit a smoke, took about 2 puffs off it and the last thing I remember was leaning to my hubby and saying "I, I, I don't feel very well"

I was out like a light. Passed out cold. Good thing he was there because he said I just collapsed and he caught me right before my face hit the concrete sidewalk.

Never dropped my smoke though!! Loyalty - one thing I am good for.

We went back in and I told the guy I was done. He said Ok but I still had to pay full price - no problemo dude - just let me leave.

Hubbs told me once we left how bad his feet hurt. I said "Your Feet??? WTF??? Why do your feet hurt?" He said while I was in the room all he could here was me moaning and groaning and his nerves caused his toes to curl up in a ball. He thought his wife was getting violated!!!! LOL.

It is still un-finished. Boo :(


Laura said...

when I got mine, I remember they wouldn't let me stop for a smoke break... now I understand why!

Stacie said...


oh wait, I am not laughing at no, no, I am not.

Tattoos hurt like a bitch...I will never get another one again and if I did, it sure won't have any red...I don't know why but that red made me want to cry like a baby.

Average Girl In Average World said...

@staciesmadness - I heard that red hurt before, but I have no idea why??? My butterfly was supposed to be a Pepsi blue color, and the vines were - green and the bumble bees were to look like...bumblebees. LOL....

Mel Fraase said...

Well, the colors are supposed to be easier than the outlines. Good luck...sometime! I want to go back for more, myself...maybe I'm just crazy?

Sass said...

I took several breaks during mine, more so the tattoo guy could smoke.

And the passing out? That's the adrenaline...ahhh....makes me want more. hee hee.

MilesPerHour said...

I am truly sorry but I had to laugh. A couple tats ago I had to lie on my stomach while the guy worked on my arm and I fell asleep. I guess I'm used to the pain. I have a couple pics of some on my site. I do like your design and hope you get it completed.

(My GF and I went in together for our first and "hell no I ain't gettin' another" she said)