Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Minutes.....

For those of you that follow my every move on Twitter (and for those of you who do not - please look to my right sidebar) heard a family secret get exposed recently.

Family should be transparent - like Obama's Government goal. Now, those of you loyal visitors that have taken the time to bore yourself to death with reading my post about being a black sheep of the family, you know what I am about to tell you just validates those feelings. For those of you not familiar - you can play catch up here .

I just found out my first cousin is really my Half Sister! Our fathers are brothers, and when my Mom & Dad split up, so did my Uncle and his Wife. Needless to say - my father boned his Sister in Law - then went back to my Mom. Well, 2 months later - My Mom and "The SIL" are BOTH pregnant. YEAH. Every adult involved - My parents - my Aunt and Uncle all agreed to let things be, and just raise the kids as their own.

Things ALWAYS find a way to come out. So, my brother - the one who was involved in the accident, and my cousin are 1 month apart. Kinda like my brother and his 2 youngest kids. All I can say is he gets it honest. But anywho...... my cousin/half sister's "father" (my uncle) passed away last year and now she wants to know if we are in fact sisters. She claims she has knew since she was 10 or 11, but never said anything. I would like to know. We talked and I offered to pay for half the cost of a DNA test. Not really sure what she thinks because she has yet to email me back. So...more to come on "My Screwed Up Life & I'm Not Even A Celebrity"


Finally mastered Beef and Dumplings. I tried my hand at chicken and dumplings earlier in the week and since it went well, Beef and dumplings become the latest victim last night - YUMMMMM


Since taking over as President of my DD's school PTO, I realize something........ some people have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS volunteering. Don't just volunteer to help, FINISH the DAMN assignment, volunteer well, GIT-R-DONE. Do not drop off the face of the earth when you have volunteered to chair or co-chair an activity. Hold yourself accountable, be an example for your child. Something I need answered. In a school with over 500 students, and over 100 faculty - why on earth is there only 10 parents and 2 teachers showing up to meetings? Do the math on those percentages. I am embarrassed.


FINALLY got my computer at home fixed. A wonderful, local blogger and tech savvy gentleman come to my home on Saturday, and helped save my sanity. Please go visit him here . Thank you ELBERT!!!!!!




Laura said...

All I have to say is... you are straight up eastern shore now!

Nej said...

I have to admit, reading the first part about the cousin/half was almost like watching a soap opera you've never watched before. I had to read it again to get all the players straight.

These are the kinds of things that keep our lives from being boring.

Stacie said...

hey, we all have family skeletons, I am sure!